“My daughter encouraged me to deliver sweetness in Jaipur”, says this lovely home baker, Arti Modi

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Well, my birthday month kept me on lazy mode ( Cancerians I tell you :P) but now I’m back with more awesomeness.

& here is another post of my project Shelance, where I met this lovely lady who is a full time homemaker and a part time baker, Mrs. Arti Modi 

Mrs. Arti Modi, A home baker

Have a look at my conversation with her, where she just poured her heart out :

Me: So, how did it start at the first place?

Arti : I had an interest in cooking since the very beginning. I used to try something different and used to receive positive responses from people who showed up home followed by appreciations from people at the kitty parties, that I started to join lately. And then as my kids grew up, I was left with enough leisure time, so I decided to continue it further.

I received an offer from the Agarwal community thereafter, and I went on with it. There also, many ladies appreciated my work saying that their kids who did not even used to eat cupcakes from the market have now started eating it, and they no more like going to the market now. Slowly-slowly I began to receive motivation and that took me forward.

Then, one fine day my daughter Prachi suggested me that mummy if you are good at it, why don’t you start it at home to which I was skeptical. But then, she pushed me with the hope of possibilities. So, I started baking cup cakes at home as well.

Me: So, why only cup cakes, why not other things? Have you ever thought of expanding?

Arti : No, I tried other things as well. Like, I used make chocolates as people are quite unwilling to have sweets on occasions like Rakhi. So, I started occasionally making it for  rakhi celebrations, valentines day etc. Me and My daughter used to together do it. She used help me with the packing and gifting items as well.

Me: Who is your inspiration behind this ?

Arti : My daughter Prachi especially, but I also credit the entire Family support.

Arti and Her daughter Prachi

Me: Do you have any role model?

Arti : No, not as such. I believe that one should be oneself and do what they believe in and make their own identity rather than taking it from elsewhere.

Me: What hobbies do you have other than baking ?

Arti : Other than baking, I’m fond of games which includes not only indoor games but, I also enjoy outdoor games like cricket that the community organises. Also, I love to travel.

Me: Why should somebody prefer a home-baker over a bakery?

Arti : You know the taste varies, a home-baker mixes a special ingredient called love and that makes a big difference. A home-baker does not have monetary gains in her mind while she bakes which is something hard to see at the bakeries. Moreover, you receive it fresh from home as we bake it on orders unlike the readymade packets sold in the market.

Me: Did you make any special arrangement when you thought to start it at home?

Arti : A little bit for the containers and other petty things. Else, the ingredients are such that are easily available at home. So, there had been no special arrangements or expenses as such.

Moreover, it is advantageous to work at home, as a woman can work and give time to her family simultaneously. I consider this option best for mothers as their kids get due attention and are not ignored due to work.

Me: Did you ever feel doubtful about the work you were doing? Like, did you ever feel you should have done something else?

Arti : Not really, because cooking is the thing I had been most interested in, since always. I used to learn it from one way or the other, the cookery shows for instance, and then used to cook at home, take reviews from my mother in law and kids. And that’s how things started to work out.

Me: Last but not the least, if you had one piece of advice for someone, just starting out at home, what would it be?

Arti : You should give your hundred percent in whatever you do and do it with all your love because that does the magic.

That’s me with her ❤


Woah. Isn’t it beautiful? How a daughter changed her mother’s life. ❤

& yeah.. If someone wants to contact her for the orders, you can ping Sonalify or Arti on her Facebook Profile

Well.. that’s all for now.. I shall catch you up again with my next post..

Till then..

Bake Sweet.. Stay Sweet ❤

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