Rohini and Sakaar are working hard towards Reshaping your lives!

Do you want to pour your heart out?

Are you feeling blue?

Feeling anxiety ?

Rohini Singh, a healer, has established ‘Sakaar’ to reshape your life and solve your problems.

Now with whole new techniques of Prana Shakti, Sakaar helps you in discovering bright colours for your dull life.

It’s time to invest in yourself and in your future by learning scientifically approved prana shakti and healing techniques!

Sakaar provides two services :

Therapy Specialisation : Prana Shakti, DNA Activation, Ancestral cord cutting, Inner child healing

Training available for : Prana shakti, Meditation (Chakra Chanting and to release trauma from subconscious mind), Emotional healing

Contact : Sakaar ~ Reshaping your life ~

Founder & Therapist : Rohini Singh

Address : 34/13 (G111) Asha Apartment, Shipra Path, Mansarovar, Jaipur

Contact Number : +91- 9587488597

~ Each moment of your life is full of energy..Let’s gather all the energy to reshape your life~