Reiki & Rohini : Finding happiness in healing lives!

Some conversations make you feel glad that it happened.. ❤

Last weekend, I got the chance to meet this ‘amazingly-ahh-mazing’ person, under the project Shelance. I’m feeling so glad to share the excerpts from my conversation with Rohini Singh who is a Reiki healer.

The conversation with her took me more close to spirituality and God. I hope you’ll also feel the same.

Enjoy !

  • First of all tell my readers about yourself and how it all started?

Rohini : I did my graduation in M.Sc. and I got married at quite early stage. After that I was fully occupied with my family.  My husband is in sales job thus, we used to move a lot. After 14 years of marriage, out of nowhere; this ‘Reiki’ thing came into my mind. I don’t even remember from where I heard or read this word ‘Reiki’, I just got the strong urge to learn reiki techniques. I never googled it and never made any efforts to learn more about it online/offline. I was staying in Jodhpur that time and I read it somewhere written ‘Reiki healing Centre’. I went there to talk regarding the classes. They told me that they have batches from morning 6 to 10 a.m.. That time my daughter was just 6 years old so I couldn’t join the classes because I had to look after her. Then after almost 7 years, when I was in Greater Noida, I told my friend that I want to learn the techniques of Reiki and she was willing to join me but she was in Gurgaon and the classes were in morning. I had to arrange the proper conveyance facility because it was quite far. The day I joined, I had no experience in Reiki but your thirst can be satisfied with water only, just like that my thirst for spirituality got aroused that day which was satisfied by Reiki only.

I didn’t enter in this field to become the master of something but I started loving to learn the techniques. I was so blessed that I found a teacher who was willing to teach without the other mottos (financial or fame). She didn’t teach me for money but she taught me really well. I’m so happy that I got the training from a right teacher whose teachings are still so helpful for me. She has changed my thoughts and outlook towards life positively.

After learning the Reiki, I did reiki on my friends but I never taught them in my initial stage as my teacher asked me to have patience and work on myself rather than start teaching. Then, I came back to Jaipur and here I taught. I started with Zero investment and I contacted a physiotherapist who made me to meet a person named Arpita and from there I never stopped.

I was quite flexible with my thought process that’s why it helped me in learning the spirituality in a better way as when you are rigid you can’t adapt the learnings from universe. Rigid people and things break easily just like our teeth but our tongue stays. Time never stops for anyone or anything thus, we have to understand that change is the only constant thing. Money is just a factor for commitment but money is not my first priority as I consider this more of a spiritual activity than a commercial activity.

Rohini Singh, Reiki Healer
  • What exactly Reiki is?

Rohini : There is no exact word which explains Reiki. For me, it’s just like energy and there is one energy in universe. Let’s take the example of CBSE board. There is one CBSE board and under this many schools. All schools are working differently. Just like this, there is one universe and one energy, but they are termed differently. Meditation always aware you about your body, mind and universe. Meditation is just a medium to bring your mind, body and soul in a harmony. It makes you to listen to your inner voice.

  • Did you face any difficulty during your journey? 

Rohini : YES! A quick answer came. It was really difficult to convince my family members. I had to choose between meditation and my family in the initial stage but my passion made everything easy later on. I always request to universe to deal with all the adversity.

  • What keeps you motivated?

Rohini : If you are addicted to drink tea then what do you do? You drink tea! Right? You do anything to drink tea when you get the urge! Meditation is exactly like this for me. The happiness you get after having tea, that kind of happiness I get after doing my work and that keeps me motivated. Secondly, when you train someone or share your knowledge with them and they use it in right way. When I see my students going on the right path, it makes me happy and motivated about my work.


  • Anything for those women who want to start something on their own?

Rohini : First of all, they must have the clarity about their dream. Like if they want to do something then what exactly is their motto? Name, money or fame? When you get the clarity then you can see the hurdles and after that you can focus on the solutions of those hurdles. Don’t just focus on problems, focus on solutions also. You will always get the problems in your life but drive your energies towards the solutions. Problems can’t be reduced just by sharing with anyone or cursing your destiny. There were problems even in Rama and Krishna’s lives.

  • Last but not the least, any happiness tips, you would like to give to my readers?

Rohini : Hormones are controlled by emotions. So you are creating misbalance in your hormones. Now people are lacking at those energies through which you should deal with the stress. Never blame anyone for your stress. Take responsibly and don’t try to run away from it. When you take the responsibility then only you can work on the problems. We tend to hide our stress. When the mobile’s storage becomes full then we start deleting the not so important stuff but with brain we don’t do anything like it, thus, we feel stressed up. There is only one way to delete all your worries and that’s MEDITATION. No mater how much you travel or read, meditation does magic on your brain.

If you are looking for Reiki healing or want to learn Reiki techniques then,  you can contact Rohini Singh on her Facebook or you can call her at : +91- 9587488597


That’s me with her ❤


“Meditation helped me and I want to help people through it. You learn during your hard times thus, your tough times are like blessings. Always get ready to learn from failures and bitter words. Have faith in God and show the world through your words and actions that you are no less” ~ Rohini