Dilemma in Career? Too much confusion? Career Counsellor, Deepa Ramchandani describes, how career assessment techniques are useful for today’s generation.

‘I’m good at writing but I want to be a teacher because there is no money in writing so should I teach?’

‘Should I choose blogging or a full time job?’

‘I like to observe people, but should I become a psychologist ?’

‘My kid is average in studies and I don’t know to how to improve that?’

Hola People!

How are you?

I guess, we all have suffered with above mentioned dilemmas, but most of us fail to understand what exactly we want to do in our lives.

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Recently, I’ve been asked by many school students and youngsters who were sceptical about their career. This actually made me worried, because nowadays there are several options available to make a career which creates the maximum confusion.

I contacted a career counsellor and then, she explained how it is getting difficult for today’s youth and the benefits of career assessment techniques.

She told me about her new programme on how one can find out which career should they choose and not just be productive, but also lead a cheerful professional life.

A psychologist expert in career counselling, motivator and art of living enthusiast, Deepa Ramchandani cleared all my queries and thus, here I’m sharing some excerpts from my conversation with her.

Have a look :

  • Choosing one from many is difficult : Career assessment is not a new trend for the society and still people are not aware of it. Nowadays, many options are available for youngsters because gone are the days when becoming a doctor, engineer or teacher were only considered as professions. One must be aware of their skill set to pursue their career, and career counsellors play a crucial role in this.
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  • Clearing the Dilemma : Through career assessment techniques, you can find suitable career clusters for you. It helps you in choosing the right subjects after high school. Career paths are described very well in these techniques as it also explains an individual’s personality, interests, skills, ability etc.
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  • It’s not just about Career : As mentioned earlier, career assessment techniques cover various aspects like Personality, Career Interests, Career Values, Subjects Assessment and Aptitude (Communication, Numerical Ability, Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Leadership skills, Organisation and planning skills, Social and Co-operation skills) Visualisation and memorisation etc. For example, many people are good at singing but are they really ready to become a singer? This is analysed by career assessment techniques.


  • Just an hour from your schedule : It’s a highly scalable model available online. It combines four career assessment techniques which produces a career planning report. You just need to take out an hour from your schedule to assess yourself through techniques.
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  • Beneficial for school kids : These career counselling techniques have different modules for 9th, 10th, 12th and graduation too. They are highly accurate and reliable techniques which are tested by more than 24k students and among 2000 occupations.


  • Where to contact? :  If you are interested in taking these career assessments to find your best abilities and skills then, you can contact Deepa Ramchandani on Facebook and drop your issues in her message box! Alternatively you can also ping her on Twitter & she is open to take queries on Call : +91-7023096111, WhatsApp/Call : +91- 8233337279 Also, Join her on LinkedIn

Well, That’s all in today’s blog. I must say that I didn’t know about such career counselling techniques.

If you or your kids are going through such dilemma then, you should definitely contact her.

& now, this is Sonali Agarwal, signing out.

I hope you all find out our career paths where you can stay happy with your work.

Keep working hard and Keep moving ahead 🙂