|Book Review| Little Maryam by Hamid Baig

About The Book : While giving a speech for his Nobel Prize nomination, Dr. Saadiq Haider, a renowned gene therapist and professor at Stanford University, receives a phone call that changes his life. Abandoning his duties and responsibilities, Saadiq hurriedly boards a flight bound for India, embarking on a journey that spans thousands of miles and pulls him back into a past Saadiq thought long-buried. Seated next to him on the flight, Anne Miller—an intrepid journalist with a nose for headline news—senses the reclusive genius has a story to tell.
During the flight, Anne manages to break through Saadiq’s hard exterior and listens, rapt, as he unfurls a tale fraught with love and heartbreak.
His story transports Anne back in time to a small, sleepy town nestled in the mountains of northern India, where Saadiq spent his childhood. Through Saadiq’s narrative, Anne meets Maryam and witnesses the friendship between Maryam and Saadiq mature into an intense love; a love that is tested when tragedy strikes and the lovers are separated. Try as they might, their devotion is no match against the workings of fate, and the tighter Saadiq and Maryam cling to one another, the faster they slip apart.
Now, after two decades of trying to forget his past with alcohol and drug abuse, Saadiq tells Anne that fate has acted again; Maryam is in the hospital, her condition critical.
When their plane lands in India, the newfound friends part ways and while Saadiq rushes to Maryam’s side, Anne returns to her life, grateful to have met the enigmatic man.
Months later, Anne learns that after wrenching Maryam from the indomitable grip of death, Saadiq took her back to America, where they finally married. But, her assumption that the greatest love story she had ever known would end happily is shattered when Anne receives devastating news.

About the Author : Hamid runs a successful market research company, providing customer insights to some of biggest names in the industry. He is a voracious reader and has been one for as long as he can remember. He started penning short stories at a very young age but never thought of writing a full-length novel until the idea for Little Maryam popped into his head. He writes as fast as he reads, which is sometimes just a little too fast.

Apart from enjoying good books, Hamid is passionate about travel and food. He is sometimes called “the culture connoisseur” by his friends because he loves having long conversations about different cuisines, exotic travel locations, and of course, books.

Hamid lives in New Delhi with his wife and two wonderful kids.

My Say : A well written book which deals with the most complex thing in this world -human emotions! This book Little Maryam by Hamid Baig has got all the elements like romance, love, laughter, sorrow & mystery. In his debut novel, The author has exceeded my expectations with his fine work. I fell in love more and more with this book as I kept reading this love story till the end.

Saadiq and Mariyam are quite an ideal couple for everyone. I adored the way author has worked on both of his main characters with so much of love. I felt like one heart is divided and beating in two humans. Saadiq goes through all the trials of life and then he gets reunited with his childhood love, Maryam. Two bodies, one heart, one soul. The heart which was his, soon belonged to her! A sudden accident joins the lovers again, brings them to the point where their life moves forward yet seems to be moving backwards. After this reunion, Life takes a twist. Will the lovers find their destiny together in the end??

I must say that the suspense in the last few chapters brought out the goosebumps. The romantic illusion that the author has made at the beginning of the novel remains fresh till the end. Language is simple; just the way I like it. The plot is carefully drawn with a certain amount of suspense and curiosity! This book shows you the journey of a man, who is trying his best to run away from the haunting memories of his past. I would like to recommend this book as it has won my heart.

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