{In conversation with Anjana Sharma} a lecturer & an entrepreneur, who never gave up!

God often falls for a stubborn heart; This quote seems quite true for Anjana Sharma’s life. When I heard about her story, the first thing which I uttered was Aisa toh filmon mein hota hai but, she has actually lived this life & now, she proudly tells her story so that others can get an inspiration!

Mrs. Anjana Sharma

Hope my conversation with this strong lady brings a ray of hope in your life too..

Have a look :

So what’s your story? Tell me.. how it all started?

I never demanded anything, but an encouragement for my bright future. I belong to an orthodox family which doesn’t believe in the importance of studies, but in secondary examinations I scored really high and thus, I was allowed to continue my studies. Being the eldest among my siblings, I took the responsibility of my own education. I got full national scholarship by which I completed my education. I appeared for ICWA course and my hard work got me a job in Nagpur district. But again I was not allowed to leave the town.

My in-laws were equally orthodox but my husband always supported me. I feel quite fortunate to have married someone like him. With his continuous support and motivation, I decided to study for few banking-exams and I cleared handful of them but again, I wasn’t allowed to take up any job. Meanwhile, I also cleared the written RAS exam, but couldn’t appear in the final interview as my first child’s delivery was due during those days.

Yes!! I had to miss many golden opportunities in my life and all these incidents lead me towards depression, but that fire was alive in my heart to do something. Then out of nowhere, someone suggested me to own a business instead of running after a job. I liked the idea and decided to launch my own computer classes. I didn’t know anything about computers, and hence started learning everything from the scratch. I started teaching from my house whenever I used to get time from my household chores, I became so popular among my students that they found me a bigger place to start my own institute and, the rest is history!

After looking back at my own journey, I can say that if you put your 100% efforts in achieving something, then nobody can stop you! You just need to be focused and confident about your dreams.

When have you been most satisfied in your career life?

If you want to be successful in your life then there is nothing like satisfaction. Although I am happy with whatever I’ve achieved but still I’m not satisfied. I still want to grow and expand my work limits. My field also requires a lot of efforts thus, I always need to keep updating myself to produce the better results for my students.


Who is your role model, and why?

‘My circumstances’ A quick answer came! I am the eldest among my siblings thus I never got any proper guidance from anyone. I got motivated from my surroundings like movies, leaders, newspaper articles and that’s how my role models kept changing and I kept adopting good things in my life.

After all this success, What do you struggle with most now?

I feel people are still not very well aware about IT field. I want to spread my wings at international level. I want to make females aware about their own value and what wonders they can do in an IT sector. This is what I struggle the most now.

Tell me about one accomplishment that you consider to be the most significant in your career?

‘My first step towards this IT field even being quite sceptical that time’ is my biggest accomplishment. As a teacher, I feel proud when my students appreciate me and remember me even after so many years. This is what makes me happy because anyone can earn money but earning respect is what makes you different from the crowd.


What keeps you motivated?

My earlier life where I was ignored and criticised and now my present life, where people give me so much of respect and appreciate my opinions, the difference between these two lives is what I have lived that gives me so much of motivation.

What are your hobbies/ passions apart from your work?

I actively participate in socio-cultural activities and I love solving maths puzzles.

‘Ohh well being so scared of maths, I gave her a shocking look’. 😛 

Yeah! That’s Me with Her ❤

Last but not the least, ‎If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, What would it be?

You just have to be honest with yourself and your work. No matter how many people criticise you, you’ll find that one person who motivates you and whose trust will take you ahead in your life. 🙂

WOW!!! Indeed it was a soulful conversation. I remember while talking to her, we both got emotional many times because it takes a lot of courage to fight with your own people when you have desire to do something in your life. No word can explain that ‘suffocation feeling.’

Dear Anjana.. a lot of good wishes and a tightttt hug for you ❤ 

& with this post, This is Sonali Agarwal signing out.

I shall catch you up soon with my next post..

Till then..

Keep believing on your dreams & Keep that fire alive always

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