During my sabbatical from teaching profession, I did some research on various income sources for freelancers. Now as a book blogger, I’m often being asked about the sites from where I get free books to read and write reviews. Here I’m sharing some sites from where you get free books to read and also get paid after submitting your reviews.

Have a look : 

Online Book Club : This is my personal favourite. It’s a platform which pays between $5 to $60 via Paypal for book reviews, depending on the length of the book. They constantly look for honest reviews and it is free to become a member. The books they send you are also at no charge.

Publishers Weekly : is a weekly news magazine. Their website does have a career page that often features job opening information for book reviewers. The reviewers hired are paid an honorarium, although the site doesn’t specify what the exact or approx amount is. To be considered as a potential reviewer you need to send the company a resume’ as well as a 200-word sample review of a recently published book. The company looks to publish reviews for all types of fiction and non-fiction books. They’re also looking to review books that are both traditionally published and self-published.

Book Look Bloggers  : Another favourite platform for free books! Book Look Bloggers pays people (in the form of a free copy of a book) who are willing to read books and write a review of the book on their blog. You need to become a member of Book Look Bloggers to see a complete list of their available books as their sample list indicates that they offer books in a variety of genres.

Any Subject Books  : This site will pay you for each review. You just need to apply on this site to be a book reviewer. Once you’re accepted, Any Subject Books will send you offers to review books on case-by-case basis. You choose whether to accept the review job, and once you do, you read the book and write a thorough review on the form they provide you to use.

Kirkuk Reviews :  It’s a company that specializes primarily in book reviews. To be considered as a book reviewer for Kirkus, you need to submit your resume, writing samples and a list of reviewing specialties or experience to the email address on their web site. They are often hiring reviewers to read books and write reviews of around 350 words. This company also occasionally hires for copy editors and editors as well.

The U.S. Review of books :  is a company that publishes book reviews in a variety of different genres. The company regularly seeks reviewers. As they post available books for review on their site, the hired reviewers request is accepted as a book’s reviewer. After the review is returned, you will be paid on a monthly basis for all reviews you completed during the previous month.

Women’s review of books : is a publication that, well, reviews books written by and about women. To be considered for reviewing assignments, you must send in your resume, samples of published reviews and a cover letter. It’s important that your review samples are lively and thought-provoking.

I hope this was useful for you. Send your feedback or if at all you know about such sites then please do share.

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