This Madhubani Artist will leave you mesmerised by taking you into her artistic universe!

Art speaks imagination and reality that words often fail to do! 

Her love for painting gave her a new direction in life. A former assistant professor and now a full time homemaker, a part time Madhubani painter is working on her own brand called ‘Gulmohar’ and Since last one year, this lady is turning her dining area into her art studio whenever she gets time from her household chores.


This lady is none other than our very own Dr. Ritu Dixit. I’m so grateful to her for giving time on my ‘Queens Of The Home’ project. As Ritu resides in Bangalore, I mailed her questions and this is how she took me into her world of paints and brushes.

Have a look 🙂

First of all.. Tell my readers about yourself! 

Professionally, I’m a Ph.D in Human Resource Management and have given my 14 years to academics teaching management students intricacies of Human Resource and then, one fine day, decided to take a break and explore myself. So, here I am, still exploring myself.. *Laughs*



How it all started? Like have you ever thought of doing freelancing work before? 

Well, after leaving my full time job, I was searching for various avenues and as I said, was in the phase of exploring myself ( still am, the journey has just started), during this time I rediscovered fabric painting, which was introduced to me by Mom during school days. So it was surprising to find that I actually love it. So first, it started with painting few dupattas and stoles and gifting all of them. Meanwhile, I chanced upon ‘Madhubani’ art, and it just took my heart. Started learning it from a very good friend of mine who’s professionally a CA turned into full time Madhubani artist now. It’s been almost two years now and I’m learning daily and still there’s so much to explore. Painting is actually pure sense of meditation; all your worries, problems, seems to get lost in between those colourful strokes. And the end product always makes you happier, more confident about yourself. And, no, have never thought upon adopting free-lancing, But, that’s the beauty of life, isn’t it? Life keeps on giving unexpected opportunities, now, its upon us how we grab them.

Tell me more about Madhubani Art. How is it different from other painting forms? 

Madhubani has its origin in Bihar, especially in Mithila region. Originally, this painting was done on walls using fingers, twigs, brushes, nib-pens and matchsticks, natural dyes and pigments. Mostly, the depiction is human association with nature and scenes from ancient epics. What I love about Madhubani is that it can be used in many forms and can be adapted in various spheres. A lot of creativity can be incorporated in Madhubani and hence it isn’t limited to painting on walls. A vast range of products are already there in the market.


What keeps you motivated? 

Me, myself.. sounds very snob, but exactly that’s what the mantra is! Your continuous passion of learning and trying new things, will keep you motivated. Continuity is important, in efforts, in learning, in ideas. Keep thinking new ideas, keep challenging yourself with different things, and try to come out of your comfort zone on a regular basis. Other very important thing is to take competition positively. Try to do something different from what others are doing.

Your sweetest memory as a professional artist?

When I made my first ever sale of dupatta! That feeling was beyond everything.

As you know, art is very subjective in nature. What some people like, others do not! We all have received negative feedbacks too in our career. What I want to know is how do you handle the negative criticism, especially when you were quite satisfied with your work? 

This is so true, every person has different choices. And yes, people can be very negative while conveying their choices. Thankfully, I have received honest appreciation till now, and hope to receive the same in future too. Though would like to add here, to save oneself from negativity, be critical of your own work, but don’t overdose it. Be aware of your shortcomings but focus on your positives.


Last but not the least, would you like to say something motivational for my readers that you have learn from your own journey?

Keep your passion alive always! Just don’t give up; if tired, take a break, but come back with a bang!

Kindly share your contact details so that my readers can see/buy your art work

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Yeah That’s Me with Her 🙂

Ah! a conversation with this lady always fills me up with a lot of motivation and now this is Sonali Agarwal leaving you all astonished with this beautiful poetry written by Dr. Ritu Dixit.. ❤