In my delectable conversation with Cauldron Sisters, I came to know how they are delivering happiness in Jaipur!

‘Home Cooks’ is the new cool in our society! With the growing trend of socially eating out in the country, especially in the metro cities, these home cooks are providing tasty and quality food for home gatherings, house parties & kitties by ensuring the health of your pocket. So in my series of ’Shelance’ project, here is my second post with Jaipur’s uber cool ‘home cooks & restaurant consultants’ Cauldron Sisters

These two self proclaimed ‘Food-Witches’ have a lot to share about their journey and I’m so grateful to Richa & Ratika for giving their time on my project ❤

So!!! Here I’m presenting the excerpt of that two hour long conversation!! I seriously loved talking with these two amazing cooks and, yeah I also found out how cute it gets when you take interview of two sisters 😛

Richa & Ratika ‘The Cauldron Sisters’


How it all started?

Ratika : We always wanted to start something but we didn’t know how & what to start! We have tried many things like selling stuff online, painting etc. but we always knew that someday our passion for cooking will do something for us. ‘Humesha yehi lagta tha andar se… that cooking hi kuch karegi’ because cooking is our forte and the family members have always motivated us. Then suddenly one fine day; we got an order but I’m like a less risk taker and Richa is the one who pushed to do this. I have done my business administration in marketing, So I knew how to take it further and I handle all the clients. Richa is really good at creating new stuff and background work, so she handles our social media. Even after 2 years; we don’t compromise in the quality, taste and we have always focused on delivering fresh food. We like to use local products only. We have kept our motto of using ‘local to create global’ as we can make Italian- Mexican cuisine by using local materials. We always focus on delivering happiness, First you should smile, then you should enjoy your meal.

Why should someone prefer a home chef rather than a caterer?

Richa : Food is more about happiness! As Home chefs, we invest our emotions into the food we make! We put our heart and soul completely and we like to do it for pleasure because we are not commercial. When you start doing it commercially, you lose the touch. Like we have just delivered ‘Gaajar ka halwa‘ to a very famous dietitian and our driver was telling that the lady was dancing in joy when she saw her order. That’s our real earning!! You feel happy when you make others happy by your food because food is something by which everyone can relate to. We always try to give our food a personal touch..a home touch!! You won’t believe.. We have a huge questionnaire which we ask to our clients so that they get the food as per their choice because we are not there when the food is getting served, So if anything goes wrong then there is a risk that people would think that food is not upto the mark. Thus, we put all our efforts in making the best experience for our clients.

Please share your most popular dishes?

Sushi ! A quick answer came from Ratika and then Richa added, Jar cakes & brownies. We were the first to introduce jar cakes in Jaipur. Currently we are delivering 20 different types of jar cakes in different sizes. Authentic Burmese can be added to our popular dishes too.

As a homepreneurer; What special arrangements at home did you do to accommodate your business necessities?

Ratika : We have started keeping stock at home. We don’t mix groceries. Home groceries are separate. So that we can count our stats on investments and profit. Also, we have to keep a stock of ‘Packaging material’. We bought a deep freezer & big size utensils for bulk orders.

Tell me about your sweetest moment as the home cooks?

Richa : Whenever people come to us and say that we had your food and it was fantastic. Sometimes when people say that our kids just love the food cooked by you and they don’t like the food anywhere else. Our happy client’s smiles make our moments sweetest!

Tell me about that one moment which boosted up your confidence?

Ratika : We all get scared when we don’t get enough of exposure in the initial stage. As beginners, we don’t like to miss any opportunity. Initially, we got an order of khowsuey for 200 people which we had to deliver the next day. We agreed and luckily we did it pretty well and then, we understood our potential because it was our first big order. Then recently we got the order for 300 snack boxes which we had to deliver early morning at 9 for a marriage trip. It contained 11 dishes. The challenge was to make it fresh and our whole family was helping us out all night. Even My little kid was putting ketchup sachets in the boxes!!! (Seriously an ‘aww moment’) Yes! it boosted up our confidence alottt!!

Have you ever felt doubtful about your business?

Well Everyday! One of us has to get negative and the other one has to boost up the confidence. We have realised that if you go slow and steady then its always good. Sometimes you also get the reality check. People get famous and they tend to leap steps ahead. We don’t prefer doing that. We started with zero investment and yes!! we are quite cautious. It is much more stressful when you put other’s money so we want to expand on our own.

Tell me one secret ingredient which make your dishes stand apart from others?

First thing is love but that sounds quite philosophical. ( We all giggled ) Well, What exactly makes us stand apart from others is that we make our own masalas. We don’t use masala from the market. Mirchi, Haldi, Garam-masala, Lakhnavi masala, Dhaba masala etc. we make everything at home because we are not used to market stuff. Since childhood, our grandmother used to make masala at home. And thus, it has become our habit too! Also, we don’t hide anything. Whatever dish we make or deliver, we teach that in our classes too.

Any message you would like to give to my readers who want to start something on their own?

Ratika : We all should start something because we have got only one life! Our hurdles are within ourselves only. I always wanted to start something new and I was holding myself, but then Richa took the risk and now we are happy. Richa added, Every female must have her own identity. She should not get recognised by her dad or husband’s name. She should have her own personality and her own name. So that she can gain the confidence to face the society.  If you are working as a team then don’t show your grievance in front your clients, like we are sisters and we fight a lot. So one should learn to compromise and let it go! At the end, just do it without getting worried about the results.

If someone wants to hire your services then how should they contact you?

People can contact us at :  InstagramFacebook 

That’s me with these lovely food experts ❤

So with this soulful conversation, I am Sonali Agarwal, signing out..

I shall catch you up with my next post..

Till then..

Keep Eating and Stay Happy 😉