Psychologist Deepa explains how she encourages people to celebrate lives!

Hope is the one thing that keeps us moving forward, the hope of a better tomorrow is the antidote to all the pains of today!

Helping others without any selfish motive of your own? Sounds strange in today’s era, doesn’t it!!!!

A psychologist expert in career counselling, motivator and art of living enthusiast; Deepa Ramchandani wears many hats but her dream is to make people celebrate their lives.

Under my project Shelance, I requested her to do an interview for my blog and she got agreed.

Here I’m sharing few excerpts of my conversation with her as she shared her journey that how she is helping people for their self awareness and fighting with the dilemma in career.


Did you grow up wanting to be a psychologist?

No! not at all. In earlier stage of my life, Even I was confused about what should I do in my life. Also, I gone through a career change after my graduation as till then I was not sure of becoming a psychologist. During younger stages of life, we usually live in a fantasy world where we easily get influenced by the environment around us. I was more focused towards being a successful business woman but after my first class of psychology in 11th standard, I became more interested towards understanding emotions, memory and human mind.

When did you decide to become a professional psychologist?

Well.. I do remember that year! In 2015, when I opted psychology for doing masters then I decided to become a professional psychologist. Before this, I was doing counselling of my friends and relatives all the time but during my masters, I thought of taking this passion to the next level because I realised, this is the only thing I wanted to be in my life. After my Masters in psychology ( Guidance and Counselling ), I did the internship from Gautam Hospital then I pursued a diploma course in Guidance and Counselling from Regional Institute of Education Ajmer. I have also attended workshops at KPsych services on child problems and disorders, NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Transactional Analysis TA- Cognitive Drill Therapy & Hypnotherapy level 1. During my masters, I met Dr. Kavita Bhargava  Psychologist and Certified Hypnotherapist, under her guidance I got the chance to attend workshops and met with other therapist and psychologists. I feel blessed to have a mentor like her in my life.

What’s your expertise & What’s unique about your work with clients? 

Laughs Well.. One should never compare! But I guess its my patience level while listening to my clients and controlling over my emotions when I give them advice. I am doing counselling related to depression, family problems, marital issues, career stress, exam stress, goal setting, time management, anxiety related issues, parental issues. During my sessions, I’ve applied : Motivational therapy, Group Therapy, Marital Counselling, Group Counselling.

What do you love/enjoy most about being a psychologist?

Happy faces after counselling, trust me!! It’s THE BEST PART!! I always loved to motivate people and helping them out. Through my counselling sessions, I got the chance to do that. One more change which I have seen in myself is that my judgements changed to non judgemental attitude and there is a kind of acceptance about people situations which helps me in understanding behavioural issues.

I have seen your Facebook and Twitter posts, You always ask people to celebrate life. What exactly is that? 

Well.. as everyone knows that life is precious and one should always feel grateful for whatever he/she has got in life. Why not to celebrate life with people and things we already have? I personally believe it’s a God’s gift when people start looking at the brighter side of life and by putting their hard work, they start cherishing the present moments rather than waiting for future things to happen.

Any advice you would like to give for my readers? 

Every person wants to share their inner turmoil but there is always something that stops them because there are rarely any people who are willing to listen to another’s pain, their problems without judging them or interrupting them! So, that’s what one needs. If you’re lucky enough to have such a person in your life, then don’t bottle it up inside and tell them.. share your all problems with them. If not, then contact people like us.

Your sweetest memory as a psychologist? 

I conducted an event called ‘Let’s Talk with Deepa’  on depression issue in June 2017. It was a great moment for me.

& Yes!!!! If someone would like to hire your services, what is the best way to reach you? 

They can ping me on my social media accounts : Facebook, Twitter & also they can WhatsApp me on this number : +91-7023096111

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Woah! I must say it was quite soulful to know about this lovely psychologist. I hope if you are going through some crisis in life then this article would help you out as now you know whom to reach. 🙂

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