This well renowned & much celebrated Tarot Reader from Jaipur tells how can you heal up during your tough phase!

“Ohh Hello Ms. Sonali! Long time no see!!!! Gosh.. Have you reduced weight? What’s your secret? Which nutrition are you seeing?”

… I guess these things happen in every ‘Society party’ with everyone!

‘Weight issue’ has become quite ’Trendy’ topic in India. People are facing stress and depression related problems when they are mocked or get rejected because of their overweight!

Few days back; when I met Jaipur’s well renowned & celebrated Tarot Reader Jasvin Soin ma’am.. I shared this issue with her; As one of my friends was in a huge depression state. She told me that yes!! Many people are coming to her and taking help of Tarot by asking for the solutions of issues like ‘which dietitian/nutrition they should see? Or how much weight they would be able to reduce in a certain period of time?’

That’s Me with our lovely Jasvin Soin Ma’am 🙂

Being a Fitness & Yoga enthusiast since many years; she shared her insights on health and fitness issue! She also explained; ‘How Tarot works as a guiding tool in clearing the confusion & taking people out of depression’! By seeing her zeal, I couldn’t stop myself and asked for the tips from her for my readers. Being so much generous; she happily agreed for my next post!

So guys… As we all know ‘Fit is the new Sexy’ Then.. why not a whole new post on it..?? & Yes.. Always remember ‘Three words which are always better than ‘I LOVE YOU’ is ‘Patli Ho Gayi’ 😛 { But that doesnt mean.. now you go and propose a girl by saying ‘Patli ho gayi’ rather than saying ‘I love you’} 😛

ANDDDDD…..As promised.. Here is the excerpt of the conversation which I had with Jasvin Soin  ma’am { I have kept it short & mainly focused on tips given by her } In case you missed previous post then click here.

{{PS : This post is not about tips of reducing weight and all. She is not a dietitian or gym trainer. She is just concerned about people’s mental and physical health as she is getting many queries related to stress which is arising from increasing weight.}}

So.. Here we go..!!!

  • Balance your life with adding fitness regime in your routine : The mind often oscillates between the past and the future causing worry and fear. It is essential to bring the mind to the present moment Thus, Fitness exercises are there to help you out. Being a Yoga enthusiast since many years, I found quite positive changes in myself. These fitness exercises cleanse the body and mind from accumulated stress and negativity plus it provides a holistic package for happy living!IMG-20171123-WA0016I agree that emotional upsets can disturb the balance and harmony in our life and system. In our lives stress has become a common health problem. Because of stress we suffer from physical ailments like headaches, insomnia, digestive disorders, high blood pressure etc. Adding fitness exercises in your daily routine can be act as an effective natural treatment for accuse anxiety disorder and depression. Daily practice of fitness exercises and meditation is essential in depression and anxiety disorder treatment thus give your an hour to this beautiful practice. Slowly you will see the positive results and then you can thank me 😀


  • Don’t allow yourself to become too hungry : Yes!! It happens with many people, When they are sad and stressed, they go too long without eating; as a result they get a drop in their blood sugar levels and Its very hard to think positive when their  blood sugar levels are that low. So please avoid skipping meals.


  • Don’t do emotional eating : This is getting very common in people. They find an escape in food. They think that eating a lot will distract them from their problems. Thus, they eat a lot while their mind is full of chaos. This is the worst thing that they can do to themselves. I suggest you to control over your food cravings while you are stressed up and if you really wanna eat something then take a bowl of fruits or veggies. This won’t hurt your weighting machine too.


  • Keep portion size in mind : Smaller portions can help keep your total calorie intake under control. When we are stressed out, there is a tendency of not to think about what and how much we are eating. Stay conscious of the amount of food you are consuming in one go otherwise you would end up over stuffing yourself.


  • Deal with your stress : The healing is within!! Yes.. Self motivation is the best motivation to heal up from anything still I am here to help you out from your stress related issues. You can actually find ways to manage your stress like as I told earlier; Do fitness related exercises, Seek counselling, reduce the number of stressors in your life, avoid company of negative people.


  • Meditation for your mental fitness : It gets really difficult to see people going into depression because of being rejected over their weight issues. After this they can’t even focus anywhere thus, it’s really essential to keep your mind fit & what’s better than meditation!! I suggest people to practice meditation at least once in a day. It is really helpful to make your mind in present state.

Well above all & everything, Just love yourself. Some events are meant to happen. Accept, Forgive & Forget. Life is all about keeping yourself mentally and physically fit.

Me : Well.. Thank you so much ma’am for sharing your insights. We always focuses on reducing weight and looking hot & we ignore how it is really important to keep the mind fit also. I am sure my readers will definitely get benefited from this post. Still if you have queries related to your stress issues then you can ping me and jasvin ma’am for fixing up the appointments because sometimes live counselling can actually make you feel better.

& Now.. With this healthy post.. This is Sonali Agarwal singing off..

I shall catch you up soon with my next post..

Till then..

Stay Fit & Stay Sexy! 


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