|Book Review| The Awakening By Billy McCoy

About the Book : In this “electrifying relevant novel,” award winning author Billy McCoy returns with a stellar, ripe for the times story about a young idealist who discovers both the power and curse of a controversial protest rally during the unsettling era of Donald Trump’s presidency.
“Ambitious and topical” KIRKUS
“Multifaceted and Compelling” MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

The Lundgren family has a long history of social activism and now it’s twenty-year-old Holly’s turn to carry on that tradition. Amidst her communities’ darkest hour and deepening polarization, Holly hastily joins an activist group. She is soon disappointed by the movement’s fanatical aim and blind obedience. Gravely disillusioned,shattered Holly struggles to pick up the pieces. The Awakening is a sweeping new voice in women’s fiction that widens the bounds of the empathy and imagination during a communities’ darkest hours.

My Say : An idyllic life is shattered when a picture-perfect young woman finds her way into a controversial protest movement. Her family history of social activism is an incredible back story, especially once coupled with her lack of passion. I was little confused as I downloaded “The Awakening” but the title page said the book was called “Americana”. This book is a beautifully honest look into the ways life can turn out completely different from what you imagined and badly trying to do the right things. McCoy developed the characters very well in each of the three stories. At first, I thought it was all centered around one character but then later on I realized that it was a collection of short stories. The stories that McCoy wrote about in this novel can be related to issues that are going on today. My favorite story would have to be the first one about Holly. It was very interesting to see Holly’s growth throughout the story especially because she wanted to be an activist. This could easily be related to what is going on now in today’s society. You can give this book a try! 

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