|Book Review| O-Syndrome: When Work is 24-7 and You’re Not By Theresa M. Robinson

About the Book : A shake-you-up, get-you-grounded, ignite-your-fighting-spirit guide to overcoming O-Syndrome. If you’re overworked, overstressed, overburdened, overloaded, overcommitted, over-obligated, overtired, overwhelmed, overextended, overscheduled, and just plain over it, you are very likely suffering from O-Syndrome—today’s 24/7 workplace equivalent of the elephant in the room. What do you really need and want for a satisfying and fulfilling life? By asking this and other tough but necessary questions, coach and facilitator Theresa M. Robinson highlights the need to re-establish clear values and priorities and to set boundaries in our work lives.

Using powerful and honest illustrations and examples from her own life and the lives of working professionals from a myriad of backgrounds, Theresa leads us to examine the impact of O-syndrome on our spirits, our health, and our families, and then walks us through designing our own personalized values-based strategies.

A more abundant life can be yours with the help of this book—will you take it?

My Say : Theresa has done amazing job not only helping us to understand the challenges that can come with seeking the balance of work and life but described some life changing principles that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. This book will get you set right again and out of your over stressed mode. While the author expresses some tough examintation of your life she does not talk to make you upset. Although This book is little difficult when it comes to implementing still I would like to encourage you to read this and see if you need to reevaluate how you are doing things. The essence of the book is that Life/work balance is essential for health, creativity and happiness. The road map offered by O-syndrome is essential to all of us whether you are a busy professional or a multi tasking stay at home freelancer. This book is not just a self-help book but it’s content invokes revelation about what’s really important in life. Do give it a try!

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