|Book Review|Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson Peale by Mathew G Crisci

About the Book : Mary Jackson Peale. So much to offer. So little achieved. The tortured and talented, bi-sexual theatrical agent Mary Jackson Peale, was a force to be reckoned with on London’s West End, then on Broadway. Mary had a knack for discovering talented playwrights and challenging them to seek higher-creative ground while she weaved complex financial deals behind-the-curtains. Mary was born with an insatiable appetite to consume all that life had to offer. She knew no boundaries: life was not meant to be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body.  After numerous failed relationships, both male and female, a healthy cocktail of booze, drugs and self-doubt, and a flight from a first degree manslaughter charge, her mind and body failed at the tender age of 37 in a small New York apartment, not far from the bright lights she once reveled in.

My Say : The book Rise and Fall of Mary Jackson-Peale by Mathew G. Crisci is an astounding classic that will take you on a journey full of emotions. This is a contemporary fiction story about main character Mary Jackson-Peale whos real name is Mary Jones. Mary is a young girl. Her father abandons the family and her mother begins working at a theater. In this artistic world she eventually awakens to her bisexuality. Meanwhile, Elizabeth is from a well-to-do family but her insistence on pursing a liberal arts degree made her something of a failure in her parents eyes and then she meets Mary. The two young women grow and explore themselves. This period of love sadly wont last forever because Mary is filled with different characteristics that at times you will root for, while at others you will have to cringe. As you engulf yourself in this read you will find a message that teaches us to never give up on reaching our goals. No matter what our circumstances may be or what challenges we may face, always push forward and try to fulfil your dreams. Author does a fantastic job in giving Mary a unique personality that will attract you into the storyline and plot theme. This novel was emotional and inspiring on many different levels. The theme of bisexual awakening made this book even better. Overall, I would like to say that this is a different book for people who like things that are character driven not just the plot.

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