|Book Review| Yearnings: Rendezvous: Stories for the Young of Heart by Randy Lee White

About the Book : This groundbreaking, thought provoking collection is sure to delight readers of all ages on and off the net. Join two boys on their apple stealing expedition gone wrong, and experience a family’s visit to the zoo when things go a little ape. On a more serious note, witness tragedy and search for closure. Marvel at the simplicity of a child’s world versus the real one. Explore a unique cluster of snowflakes, and feel how they connect these works together.

My Say : Yearnings: Rendezvous: Stories for the Young of Heart by Randy Lee White is a short story collection of fourteen easy-to-read stories that are both entertaining and thought provoking! A lot of the stories deal with overcoming the desire to do something that is desperately desired even if the character knows things may not turn out in a positive light. First of all I love reading short stories that I can get through fast and I must say, This book has some amazing short stories! These stories will have you laughing and some will leave you thinking. They are a new way to tell old classic stories and each one is only a few pages so it would make great one time read. I also have to say that I love books that teach us a lesson and this one certainly does! Randy Lee White has an unique way of telling a story! You absolutely have to read these for yourself if you like to read short stories.

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