{Conversation Version 2.0} Tips given by Jasvin Soin for the recovery from a heart break!

“Seems like it happened yesterday when my best friend called me up and told me that he is in love. Woahh!! First love!! He was super happy and excited. Seriously I never saw him this happy in my six years of friendship with him.. BUT THEN!! Life is not that fairytale where every prince gets his love of life. After around six months of relationship that girl broke up with him because she got attracted towards somebody else. Another heartbreak!! Gosh! I thought it would be like those normal ones where he would just talk about his Ex and after sometime he will forget her. BUT NO!! This was different! I came to know this that guys don’t express their pain the way a girl does. He became very quite after his breakup. I could see the pain in his eyes every time I met him. I asked him several times like how are the things now but he didn’t speak up. Then finally a name came into my mind ” Jasvin Soin “who is not just a tarot card reader but a lifestyle counsellor too. I suggested him to visit ma’am where he would not be worried to get judged. There he can open up his heart out and it actually worked. After just 2-3 meetings, he felt better and finally I got my old friend back!! This whole incident gave me an idea to share the tips for recovering from heartbreak with my readers who are going through this tough phase. So I couldn’t stop myself from meeting with her and asking what actually she has suggested to my friend. THUS!! Version 2.0 of ‘in conversation with Jasvin Soin ma’am’ is soon coming up on my blog sonalify.com. This time it’s going to be on heartbreak! So people.. No matter.. How badly.. ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’.. sonalify.com and Jasvin Soin are going to help you out in making it easy!!! Stay Tuned.”

ANDDDDD…..As promised.. Here is the excerpt of the conversation which I had with Jasvin Soin  ma’am { I have kept it short & mainly focused on tips given by her } In case you missed previous post then click here

Jasvin : Over years of experience of counselling people, I have realised that most of our difficulties are self created. Mainly because we don’t talk about our problems. Trusting on our loved ones or a counsellor can help us confront the situations we are unknowingly trying to escape from! Heartbreaks can leave people with sorrow, anger and some serious questions about their present and future. Once the trust is broken; people suffer a lot internally. Although no read up, no pep talk can heal your pain perfectly but still it can make you feel better if you try to implement these following tips during your heartbreak phase.

Tarot Card Reader & Lifestyle Consultant : Jasvin Soin 

~Accept~ Yes!! Accept that you will have to go through some pain. It is an essential part of the healing process. Escape the stage of denial and allow yourself to feel the emotions as they come to you. Just divert yourself with heart warming activities the minute negativity starts getting in!

~Focus on your thought process & change it~ Try to change all thoughts of negativity into positivity. Ask your siblings and friends to help you to get rid of the feeling of worthlessness and hopelessness. Know your strengths and know your value! Talk to yourself for becoming stronger!

~Help Someone~ Yes! its important to divert your attention to another person who is in any kind of need so that you can forget about yourself and your pain.

~Work on your habits~ Sleeping till late and thinking about your Ex won’t help you out in improving yourself. Change your surroundings. Try to pamper yourself, listen to music or join some hobby classes.

~Workout~ Exercise stimulates brain chemicals and activates hormones. On an emotional level, it allows you to take charge and become the master of your mind and body.

~Laugh, relax and meditate~  Take time out each day to notice and appreciate what you have and beauty around you.

~Be an optimist~ Try to avoid negative self talk.  Do not allow your mind to get trapped in re- running past events or worrying about the future.

Well above all & everything, You just have to accept one thing that few people belong to your past only.. So don’t let them ruin your present & future! Forgive and let it go! Try to move on; no matter how difficult it gets!

Me : Well thank you so much ma’am for such amazing tips for my readers. I remember that I tweeted once, ‘Pyaar se darr nahi lagta saheb.. Breakup se lagta hai’.. I guess.. now I can feel how difficult it gets when people go into depression during this phase. So if you are going through such pain.. Then me and jasvin ma’am are here to listen to you. You can ping us on our social media accounts for fixing up the appointments.

& Now with this healing post..

This is Sonali Agarwal signing out! I shall catch you up soon with my next post..

Till Then..

Stay In love but Stay away from breakup ! 😀




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