|Book Review| Angels and Wormholes By David Shultz

About the Book : A star-faring religious cult has created an army of robotic zealots designed to follow holy scripture. As the robotic menace spreads across the galaxy, it takes prisoners to be ‘excommunicated’: hooked into a neural simulation of eternal torment.

Captain Rolland Barron leads the Sol Federation Starship Excalibur on a diplomatic mission. He plans to rescue the prisoners of the Catechumen, despite his orders. Cassia LaCroix is a freelance wormhole hunter, scouring uncharted space for valuable tunnels through space-time. Prince Zoojin, a psychic alien from a distant galaxy, must prove himself worthy of the throne of Paxis Prime by confronting a great and unknown evil. Captain Wojtek is a mercenary outlaw, using illegal cybernetic technology to enhance his abilities and become one with his ship. Their paths all converge while the Catechumen legion sweeps across the galaxy.

Can the mechanical menace be stopped, or will Captain Rolland be forced to choose between death or torture in a neural-simulated hell?

My Say : Angels and Wormholes by David Shultz is an interesting sci-fi story! Although the book is sci-fi but its language is not as complex as it should be expected from such kinda book. I must say that it was an interesting blend of futuristic fiction. Although I am not a sci-fi fan but I picked this book randomly and was not keeping my expectations high. I think if you like such kind of books with a lot of things being thrown out there all at once then you would surely enjoy this novel. This book is an unusual blend of futuristic fiction, exploring the working out of social evolution of humanity as a whole and dangerous robotic group after centuries away from Earth. Captain Rolland Barron of the Excalibur is sent on a diplomatic mission of conveying a peace ambassador to meet the Catechumens which is an army of religious robots intended on carrying out a universal crusade of their own by conquering planets. The author did a wonderful job pulling me into the story and keeping me there till the end. I really liked that old Christian themes like hell and heaven were put into interstellar. It is a book that you do want to keep reading because it is interesting and has peculiar characters that you will enjoy reading about. The characters I got to read about afterwards succeeded in suppressing every thought of boredom from my mind.

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