|Book Review| A Bad Business In Brooklyn By W.J. Reeves

About the Book : The finale of the Bucceroni series.

My Say : A bad business in brooklyn (Bucceroni Book 4) by W.J. Reeves is the finale of the Bucceroni series! Though I haven’t read the previous versions; still I liked how the characters were built up and I found the story entertaining. Rich Bucceroni grew up living his life as a thug on the streets then he moved to Brooklyn and finished his schooling and secured the tenured job of a professor. There he met Candy. She was living the exactly kinda life which Rich was living. Rich helped her out in getting her life straight and then they eventually got engaged. Still it was not a fairytale and to know this you have to read the book. It was easy to see that this was not the first story from the Author. There was a lot of backstory mentioned, making me want to go back and catch up to the present. Well !! Without giving away too much I have to say this that take a test ride and give this book a try. If you enjoyed reading any of the previous books in this series you will certainly like this one! Its an action packed and full of suspense. Although first you need to read the previous versions of this series to understand the story in better way still I would like to recommend this book to my readers.

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