|Book Review| Black Sky By Dr. Y

About the Book : A doctor’s journey through addiction, death and the American judicial system. Addiction is destroying the world and even worse, it is destroying the individual. It is becoming common place to read of overdoses in the news and hear of deaths related to impaired individuals. Addiction is due to a spiritual illness and may be cured with a spiritual awakening. This is my journey and I have discovered a world and truth previously hidden from me. A truth obscured by intoxication. In AA they say to stick with the winners. This is a time tested philosophy. The spiritual awakening required for long standing sobriety is revealed within these pages. I humbly offer it to you.

Literary Titan Gold Award Winner September 2017 _ “I would recommend this to anyone suffering from addiction, or for anyone wanting to understand addiction and the hold it has on the human soul. I found the book to be extremely uplifting and truly believe that anyone suffering from addiction would find great solace and understanding from Dr Y’s words.”

My Say : This appealing title Black Sky, written by Dr Y, is a book inspired by addiction and discovering the human soul. It is well rounded and informative! From the beginning of the book; you will feel a connection to the author and also feel inspired to push through your adversities, regardless of whether you have experienced addiction yourself or not. This book gives genuine cases to show the basic driver of addictive conduct. The book clarifies that addiction is not the aftereffect of good shortcoming rather, passionate despondency drives the addiction. The “light bulb” moment enlightens the reader on the mentality and challenges that addiction creates in human body but it also focuses on the possibility of recovery. Black Sky shows how complex addiction can be and how hard it is to break free from the chains it has on our family, friends and relationships. This book should be given to everyone that knows someone with an addiction of some kind so they can better understand and be a part of the solution. It would also help them feel more at ease. This would be a great comfort to those people! Not for everyone but yeah this book can attract a specific genre.

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