|Review : Keventers, Jaipur|It’s good to get high on Milkshakes..!!

When life gives you milk; Shake it! 😉

On a hectic Monday, when my day was turning into blue; This Keventers bloggers meet’ brought some bright colours to my evening! I visited this cute keventers kiosk at Gaurav towers, Jaipur & tried some bottles full of awesomeness.


Although I used to hate this subject but here is a little bit of ‘History’ : Keventers is a kind of brand which has kept alive its signature flavours since the first time it was ever launched. The rich milkshakes are made from quality milk, the brand was also the very first to introduce Thick shakes in market! Bottled up in retro style glass bottles, these shakes are pretty cool to be put in words.

What makes Keventers different? The brand uses their own flavours and blends instead of using regular powders & crushes! No wonder the taste and quality have always been intact since it’s existence! The thick, frothy shakes have a smooth texture and every milkshake lover in town is going to love them so much! You can choose from their range of CLASSIC SHAKES, FRUITY SHAKES & the THICK SHAKES.

Classic Shakes : 

Source : Keventers

As the name states, these are simple mouth-watering flavored milkshakes which are not heavy on your pockets! Keventers offers Butterscotch, vanilla, pineapple, cold coffee and many more flavours in this category.  Price Range : 99-150 INR { From small to large }

Thick Shakes : 

Source : Keventers

Delicious milkshakes which are either made from ice-cream or iced milk mixed with fruit or chocolates. They offer various flavors like Chocolate Oreo, Tutti-Frutti, Melting Rose and many more. Price Range : 125-200 INR. { From small to large }

Fruity Shakes :

Source : YourChennai

Milkshakes overloaded with blended fruits! Doesn’t it sound yummy? Try their Fruity shakes like Luscious Blueberry, Exotic Strawberry, Very Merry Raspberry and many more! It will surely make your mood happy! Price Range : 125-200 INR. { From small to large }

They also have the cold coffee shake for caffeine addicts! The bold flavour of coffee enriched with ice-cream and cream makes for the yummiest cold-coffee shake there is! Other flavours include butterscotch, kit-kat, mango and pineapple.

Photo Credits : Rohitify

What I tried & Recommend : I tried Bubblegum Shake, Cold Coffee, Chocolate Hazelnut, Choco-Peanut Butter, Strawberry Classic Shake “ Ooops!! That’s tooOO Much 😛” The chocolate hazelnut is an ultimate thick shake that boasts of a cocoa flavour and a nutty consistency from the hazelnuts. The bubblegum has a subtle pink colour and the hint of strawberry makes this shake one of the must-haves at Keventers. I loved Bubblegum and Choco-Peanut Butter most!

Well People!! Trust me!! Instead of going for sugary, syrupy regular drinks, pick a Keventers shake and sip the goodness of fresh flavoured milk! Don’t forget to take these cute little bottles home & Yes!!! They do deliver at your doorstep now 😀

Source : Sonalify

So I really enjoyed my evening there and got to know a lot about Keventers . Special Thanks to The Food Dictionary  for inviting me 🙂

…..& What are you waiting for????

Just pick your favourite flavour and slurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrp away! 😉

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