|Book Launch Event| Impact of Grandma’s tales on 4G Generation

“The fusion of tradition and modernism is the key to sensible upbringing of the present 4G generation.” 

This was the message given by Ms. Sanaa Sharma, a 16 year old teenager from Jaipur during the launch of her first book “From Beeji to 4G” which was held at hotel “Lemon Tree” in Banipark on the evening of August 25.  The Chief guest of the function was Ms. Sangeeta Mall, a Mumbai IIM Graduate and a famous and creative writing expert with a degree from University of Pittsburg.

Ms. Sanaa Sharma, Author, From Beeji to 4G

As briefed by Ms. Sanaa Sharma, the book encompasses the relationship between her and her great grandmother whom she lovingly called “Beeji.”  The book has bridged the gap of four generations that separate the two of them.  It is a compilation of life stories narrated to the author by her great grandmother and also contains a section of legends wherein bed time stories are listed. The guest of honour Ms. Indu Dubey, Principal, Neerja Modi School, Jaipur asserted that the book is an interesting read with an eye witness account of the turmoil of partition and also has stories related to Hindu Sikh tension in the late 80s in the aftermath of Blue Star Operation in Punjab.  The chief guest of the evening emphasized that despite of all the technological advancements, the present generation will always be needed their grandparents as their spiritual anchors.  Ms. Mall concluded by saying that the ideal and wholesome upbringing of this generation is possible with the tranquil presence of seniors in the family and this flow of life lessons should keep trickling down generations both as a word of mouth as well as in print.

About the Book : Roots define us. Don’t they? They are as important to our existence as the dreams that lend wings to our imagination and help us strive higher and farther into the vast skies. This book connects you to the life of a girl’s great grandmother and explores her world of extraordinary experiences. From a paranormal encounter to an eye witness account of partition, this book encompasses many stories that will enrich your instincts and widen the horizons.

About the Author : Sanaa Sharma was born in 2001 in a small city of Jalandhar, Punjab. She was born to a family of upwardly mobile parents who had to continuously change cities to keep up with their career goals, causing her to live with her grandparents. In her maiden attempt, this fifteen-year-old glides through the story of her great grandmother. An astute observer of things, humans and situations, Sanaa is a tenth- grader with a passion for writing and vocal music. Her affability makes her more approachable and lets people confide in her. She is an exemplary speaker and has an idealistic approach to life. Sanaa currently lives in Jaipur with her family.

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