Aiming For Bringing Winds Of Change, SMS school has celebrated it’s 33rd founders day.

The 33rd Founders Day of SMS School brought out the essence of change where students presented a harmonious ensemble of the epic that sculpted morals, value system and rich legacy of Jaipur. School principal Mrs. Krishna Bhati remarked that the function aimed to bring change which will enhance the culture and tradition of India in all it’s glory. The Founders’ Day pleasantly coincided with the birth anniversary of Late His Highness Maharaja Sawai Man Singh II of Jaipur. The inauguration ceremony took place on August 21,2017. Commissioner of Police, Mr. Sanjay Agarwal, who was the Chief Guest, motivated students to follow their dreams and listen to their hearts. His insightful speech on Impacting Change by valueing small things was very inspiring. Students brought to life the beauty of dreaming by the mesmerising performance on ‘Ude khwabo ke parindey’ and Ganesha’s dance made everyone spellbound.

The two days’ event proved to be a testimony to the overwhelming response of 22 schools across Jaipur. Special mention to Disha School who was not a participant but their students gleaned a platform to showcase their talents.

Don’t tell us the sky’s the limit when there are footprints on the moon…

This year’s founders’ day theme was ‘Winds of Change’ which is a reflection of transience of time and how we adjust our sails to it. It was a sheer wonder to see the participants shed off their inhibitions and display their talents in the events. Crescendo,  the rock band performance based on the theme Retrospection and Resurgence revived the spark in the audience and made everyone sway along with the winds of change. The Ignited Minds, which was a poetry writing competition, proved to be a platform for those passionate students who are sure enough to bring about a change in the society through their poetry. In Toon – Talk, Students made Caricatures that depicted the social change which has been brought about or needs to be brought about had humorous illustrations. Lest we forget – It was an enactment journey into the history. Transcend, The sufi dance competition made the whole environment sufiyaana and everyone was astonished by the choreography and creativity of the participants. Two non-competitive activities were especially designed to cater to the young, dynamic minds and encourage them to apply critical thinking and be firmly resolved for the amelioration of the society through social impact. The students spoke their hearts out in the panel discussion putting forth their views on the contemporary issues like Capitalism in Education, the newfound practices in Cricket etc. The workshop on Design the change conducted by Ms Tina Balachandran was very enriching.

…& the closing ceremony was just the beginning..

Closing ceremony chief guest, Rani Vidya Devi enhanced the beauty of the occasion by her presence. The members of Board were also there to witness the enthusiasm of the students. Krishna Bhati, Principal, SMS School expressed her heartfelt gratitude to all the Principals, Teachers and Students of all the participating schools. With the insights of Sadguru’s initiative, she also gave the message to stay away from deceptive trends like blue whale challenge. Chief guest, Rani Vidya Devi recalled Late Rajmata Sahiba, Maharani Gayatri Deviji’s message of ‘Giving back to the city’ and urged the young students to create a sense of belongingness and ownership with Jaipur city. Followed by a rock band and sufi dance performance, The winners in various competitions received prizes from the chief guest, Rani Vidya Devi. By obtaining maximum scores in all events, SMS school stood first but Jaishree pediwal school ( the runner up) received the trophy as the school has the policy that hosts can not keep the trophy.

With the smiling faces and message of bringing change, this two day gala came to an end but with it’s message to students and society, the journey seems to take a start..

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