In Conversation with Mrs. Krishna Bhati, Principal, SMS School, Jaipur

Some meetings leave you with such happy vibes that you feel so grateful and blessed.

Yes! It was an honour meeting Ma’am Krishna Bhati , Principal, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya. I was struck by her enthusiasm in particular. It was sheer joy discussing about student development programmes & SMS school’s upcoming events!

Here are the excerpts of this soulful conversation:

Me with Mrs. Krishna Bhati, Principal, SMS School, Jaipur

Me : Please brief me about your journey with this school.

Ma’am : I joined SMS School in April 2013. It was a great honour for me to join a school which has been established by none other than the Late Her Highness Rajmata Gayatri Devi, A person who has been admired world over!

Last four years have taken me through all kinds of terrains & seasons! We’ve emerged as the best in  State Rankings & have tried to set a benchmark at national & International level as well. But more than such awards and recognition; what really matters is that we have been create a student centric school culture. Over the years, we’ve worked strongly towards making the Vidyalaya highly inclusive for everyone including children with special needs, students of economically weaker sections etc and we developed institution’s sensitivity towards gender identities of people.

Me :  How’s your school taking initiatives to keep our cultural heritage alive? 

Ma’am : The Constitution of India, article 51(a), Chapter of fundamental Duties talks about valuing and preserving the rich heritage of composite culture of India. Every city has it’s native touch & Jaipur certainly has its unique heritage whether it be crafts, cuisine or culture!  Rajmata Saheba promoted Blue Pottery, Taarkashi, Durrie weaving & many such hand crafted artefacts & thus, we are inspired to constantly work towards integrating & promoting our heritage as co-curriculars.

Me : What are the student centric initiatives taken by SMS school?

Ma’am : SMS School is known for promoting liberal arts and we believe in creating opportunities for our students. You would be happy to know that our students are launching their own subject websites, writing and publishing their own books. They step out of  their comfort zones to learn through  community outreach. We have given them their free space which is really important as one never knows when their hidden potential comes to the surface.


Me :  How is the school able to keep up with the challenges in the age of social media? How do you deal with issues like cyber bullying, whale challenge and cyber stalking? 

Ma’am : Social media can be deceptively alluring for the children and it is disheartening to know that they slip into the trend. We conduct awareness sessions where we counsel students not to fall into the trappings.

Also, we have counsellors in the school who take up the relevant cyber issues in class groups & initiate discussions on pros & cons. We also have a social media team who takes sessions for the student’s awareness and sensitisation.

MeCould you please tell me more about the SWAWLAMBAN initiative? 

Ma’am : ‘SWAWLAMBAN’ means Enabling one’s capacity and therefore we developed a skill centre in 2015 named “SWAWLAMBAN”, it is  a pre-vocational unit. Aligned to the national skill development policy, it aims to develop vocational skills of students including those with special needs. Items like paper bags, folders, greeting cards, bookmarks, bandanwars are made and decorated with block prints.


Me : What keeps you motivated & What are your hobbies? I am sure your students would love to know about it. 

Ma’am : My love for children and my passion for education keeps me motivated to do my work. Schools are places where you deal with young, pure and innocent minds! It’s lovely seeing children flashing smiles at you early in the morning and you know these moments will keep you fresh & happy the whole day! Talking about hobbies; I love reading and also find time spent with pets very therapeutic. I believe in promoting care for animals.

Me : Last but not the least, Any message for my young readers? 

Ma’am : It’s very important for you to know that there is this inner voice; ‘THE GPS’ within you which indicates to you the direction you need to take everytime life puts you on crossroads. You need not lose your individuality over what others might say. Your GPS can never mislead you!

WOW!! Such a lovely chat it was. Thank you so much ma’am for taking some time out for my blog post from your busy schedule. I wish to meet you soon again 🙂

For more information about school, Click here

This is Sonali Agarwal signing out!! I shall catch you up with my next post..

Till then..

Stay Happy and Follow your inner voice ….keep your GPS handy ❤







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