|Book Review| The Carpet Weaver Of Isfahan By Shmuel Peretz


About the Book : 

Daniel had given up on life, but then he hears the truth about a small carpet…

Wounded while serving in the Israeli army, Daniel lives holed up in his parents’ home, despondent, cut off from the world. After a home break-in, he learns from the insurance agent that the small carpet in his room is a precious work of art, of the value of a Van Gogh. This knowledge sparks something in Daniel, and his adventure begins.

Entranced by the legend of the carpet weaver, he must locate her at all costs

He travels to Canada, where his father had purchased the rug, and hears from the carpet merchant an Iranian legend about a gifted young girl who wove three magnificent carpets but met with a tragic fate. Daniel purchases the second carpet and becomes fixated on locating the third.

Daniel meets up with love, danger, and international uproar in Iran

He enters Iran illegally in search of the carpet weaver and is pursued by Canadian, Israeli, and Iranian secret service agents, each with a different agenda. Unaware of the international uproar he has caused, Daniel falls in love with the weaver’s daughter and begins to heal. In the meantime a complex deal must be made to save him from certain death and to arrange his safe exit from Iran.

My Say : This book has deception, murder, rape but still it shows the power of forgiveness. The Carpet Weaver of Isfahan by Shmuel Peretz is a lovely story about love and forgiveness! I don’t want to give too much away, but let’s just say that the character develops really well as the the story progresses. Daniel doesn’t want to live. He believes he has lost it all after being wounded in the Israeli army. Now he only lives, locked up in his parents home but an incident of theft allows him contact with an insurance agent who tells him that the carpet in his room is an invaluable work of art. Now Daniel sets out to locate the weaver, traveling to Canada where the carpet was bought. The one thing Daniel doesn’t know is that he has woken sleeping dogs and they are after him now the Canadian, Iranian and Israeli secret service wants him. Can he heal with his new found love and escape the danger posed by international secret service agents? Just read on to find out the answers. If you believe in forgiveness and redemption, even for the most heinous of crimes, please read this book as it will give you hope for humanity. I would like to recommend this book to all my readers.

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