In conversation with Jasvin Soin : A famous tarot card reader from Jaipur

“Destinies are like stars in the sky, You can not touch them but you can follow them”- Jasvin Soin

One fine evening, A sceptical mind knocked the door of a tarot card reader and found the solutions of her problems! She was so impressed by the tarot card reader that she decided to interview her so that her readers can get the insights of tarot reading and their myths can be cleared.

Ohh yes.. That sceptical mind was yours truly Sonali Agarwal and our lovely tarot card reader is none other than Jasvin Soin ma’am..

Jasvin Soin – Tarot Card Reader & Consultant

Here are the excerpts of the conversation which I had with her.. Have a look..

Me : Tell me how it all started? 

Jasvin : I did PG in Physics but was always inclined towards occult sciences. My sixth sense was quite strong since childhood. My mother was very fond of palmistry and  numerology. So I used to read those books during my summer vacations which enhanced my interest towards this profession. I feel that it was all written for me.. Yes!! I believe in destiny because Destinies are like the stars in the sky which you can not touch them but you can follow them.

Me : What is your style of Tarot Reading? 

Jasvin : I use tarot cards as a tool to guide people in my counselling sessions.  I do depth analysis of the situation and always try to deliver a positive outcome thus I am helping clients in taking decisions of their situation without being judgemental so I feel happy when after session they walk away feeling stronger, lighter & more focused in tune with their path and purpose.

Me : How can people, in your opinion, benefit from a Tarot reading?

Jasvin : In Tarot people can find solutions to their Career, Business, Love, Relationship, Education, Finance, Marriage, Health & Travel related problems. Moreover; they find a listener in me where they can open their heart out without getting scared of being judged.

Me : What are the frequently asked questions by people? 

Jasvin : Whether I’m on a right path of my career? Will my financial position remain same? Will my romance fizzle or sizzle? Will I achieve my goals? How to deal with deeper emotions? In short, Problems are related to all aspects of their lives & yes!! lemme tell you that unknown can be known through Tarot! Thats the power of tarot card reading.

Me : How often should someone consult tarot? 

Jasvin : Every time they face any difficulty in choosing the right path or taking any major decisions of their lives.

Me : Tell me more about tarot card reading and your other interests?

Jasvin : It’s a pack of 78 cards & we have to interpret the card according to the questions. You will be surprised to know that same cards can be different in different situations while reading cards. My ares of interests include Yoga and Pranayam practices. This helps me in keeping myself mentally and physically fit which is essential to maintain my vibes while talking to my clients.


Me : Last but not the least.. Would you like to say something motivational for my readers which you have learned from your own journey?

Jasvin : I believe that there is no shortcut to hard work. I try to open a channel for a client which they can not open on their own. One should keep calm and focus on their journey because there is always a light at the end of a dark tunnel.

……Wow!! Whattay soulful talk it was ❤

Thank you Jasvin ma’am for taking some time out from your busy schedule.

& Dear readers.. If you are going through some difficult times or finding any problem in taking decisions.. You may contact Jasvin on the following mentioned numbers & profile details:

Contact No. : 9314875393 , 9982065393

Email ID :

Website :

With this post.. This is Sonali Agarwal signing off!

Keep Calm & Stay Positive 🙂 

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  1. An honest interview. People these days are getting oriented towards tarot reading as they can get the right light over their plans. Thank you for sharing the informative post.


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