Four Minds + One Dream = Hey Dosa!

Innovation has got no limits! Well!! I never thought that I’ll be imagining ‘Dosa with Cheese toppings’ in my mind while writing this post!

Yes!! Have you ever thought of having dosa with no sambhar and no coconut chutney but with loads of corn and cheese?? No?? Well let me tell you that Jaipurities are already experiencing such awesomeness because of this super cool ‘Food Truck’ in town !

Just like ‘John Snow… who know nothing’ I actually knew nothing about dosa until I came across this cute little food truck which rises in the streets of Raja Park when the sun gets ready to touch the ocean.

I visited this truck few days ago and since then I couldn’t stop myself from visiting it again and again! When I like something I become quite curious to know more about it. So one fine day I talked with Siddharth over a cup of Chai who is a co – owner of Hey Dosa and He enlightened me with the history of Hey Dosa!

Me : How Hey Dosa came into existence? 

Sid :  Me, Isha, Nikesh & Jay are the co partners in Hey dosa but firstly we are cousins who are also best buddies…

Cousins & Co-Partners of ‘Hey Dosa’

 Jay has seen a truck of this kind in Vijaywada. Since childhood he was visiting Jaipur and he was missing authentic dosa. So in November, 2016 an Idea of starting something like this clicked in his mind. We all decided to visit south to see the truck and after that R&D happened for three months!  Officially launched on april 19th. The whole idea was to bring the food truck for dosa and not to serve anything else except dosa. We are serving 105 varieites of dosas( 99 standard +6 special) Yes!! You heard me right!!! The main idea was to serve dosa to the public of jaipur in a different way because Jaipur has always tasted the usual type of Dosa since ages as no one could have ever imagined Dosa in Pizza Style.

Me : Why only dosa and nothing else?

Sid : Dosa is a kind of dish which is enjoyed by all age groups and it’s quite light & healthy too. The main idea was to serve delicious, fusion & unique style Dosa at a pocket friendly rate. Our dosas costs rs. 70 to 120 bucks. The main challenge for us was to serve dosa with out Sambhar as Dosa are already stuffed that they didn’t require sambhar.

Thus!! Tomato, Peanut and Mint Chutneys were served which came out with perfect choice. The idea was here, truck was here and everything was going according to the plan. One of our co-owners and partner, Nikesh Belani who is a MBA by qualification, left his job to start something on his own. He took the whole responsibility of managing food truck & For the lady luck, I have my wife Isha who has equally supported in this journey.

Me : Wow!! The history seems quite interesting! Now please tell me about your special dosas. 

Sid : All our dosas contain a tomato puree, that gives a perfect tangy taste to all dosas. Some of the special dosas are :

Teen mar dosa : Contains paneer, sweet corn, green peas, beetroot for garnish and cheese inside and above the dosa, comes in s roll shape and cut into 3 pieces thats why named as teen mar.

Teen Maar Dosa

Pizza Dosa : Yes, A pizza can be in form of dosa too. The same batter is used to make pizza dosa which contains sweet corn, paneer, capsicum, Mushroom and coriander to sprinkle upon.. pizza dosa has two form one with normal cheese and one with cheese burst, ( over load of cheese) a perfect for all cheese lovers and is famous among all the ages.


Kerala Dosa : Kerla dosa comes with an authentic kerlian chttenad masala separately served with a crispy plan cone dosa.


American Chopsuey : It’s a kind of Noodles dosa, A dosa which contain Noodle, corn cabbages and cheese with shezwan sauce. Chinese cuisine lover must try this.

All Mix : A dosa over loaded with all the fillings, we serve all the vegetables we have in our truck in this dosaPaneer, Sweet Corn, Baby corn, Dry Potato, mushroom, Cabbag, noodles, spinach, green peas and of course cheese. its kind of a meal.

Standard Dosas : There are 70-100 rs. range dosas which come with different fillings as per mentioned in menu.

Now soon we are coming with Chocolate and dry fruits dosa

Ohh Gosh!! I am already drooling’ Can’t wait to taste them 😛

PLUS!! Another food truck is on the way which you can find soon in Malviya Nagar area.

Well !!! I must say.. it was really nice conversation with Siddharth who took time from his busy schedule to answer all the questions which were coming out from this curious mind 😛

So with this mouth watering post; This is Sonali Agarwal, signing off.

& Yes!! Jaipurwaalo.. it’s time to say ‘Hey’ to ‘Hey Dosa’ and do try these lip smacking dosas with the mind boggling twist!

Venue : Hey Dosa, in front of LBS, College

Time : Open all days. 6:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. 

Happy Eating & Stay in Love ❤ 

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