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I received a free copy of this book from OnlineBookClub and this book was “OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day”

About the Author : {In His Words} I live in Spain with 3 labradors, 2 children & 1 girlfriend.

Moving to Spain gave me the impetus I needed to finish my first novel, Conversations with Eric. The warm climate caused me to move the second half of the novel here as well.

I love telling a compelling story that will both intrigue and excite my readers. I want to take you to places that will exhilarate as well as entertain. I’m never shy about sailing near the edge. The unusual is my normal and jaw-dropping surprising my stock-in-trade.

The first book in my thriller series is out now, If The Bed Falls In, available from Amazon in both Kindle & paperback. Who was really behind 9/11? – If The Bed Falls In – An action packed, fast moving psychological thriller that threatens to rip the lid off the oligarchs behind the financial terrorism we see all around us.

BOOK TWO, As Mad as Hell, has just been released on Amazon. Watch out! It digs uncomfortably into the manipulative military/industrial complex, and one man has taken it upon himself to save us all!

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About the BookNot the usual psychological thriller…
After half a lifetime trying to come to terms with underachievement, a new terror has suddenly emerged. Tom Friday is now doubting his own sanity.

Maybe due to his past cocaine habit, he is having vivid hallucinations. He increasingly flips into an alternate reality where he is Joseph Miller, a renegade MI6 assassin.

The world is falling apart around him. Crazy conspiracy theories like 9/11, the Illuminati and the One-Percenters tightening strangle-hold on society seem totally real from the perspective of his alter-ego, Joseph. But who is real; Tom or Joseph?

Joseph has a plan to defeat the One-Percenters, but due to being forcibly injected with an experimental CIA drug, he cannot remember what he was going to do.

If he is Tom, he has a serious neurological problem, but if he is Joseph, the world may be on the brink of being enslaved by evil international banks and corrupt governments.

The clock is ticking as loudly as his addled brain. He is a man in two minds; are either of them his?

My Say : Prepare yourself for reading long into the night because you won’t be able to put this book down. A twisted thriller that was hard to follow at times! This book is about one man’s cognitive dissonance and his split personality of Tom/Joseph and how he deals with various events! I must say that the plot was very unpredictable and it kept me guessing. I thought he was schizophrenic but as you read further he is not one. One side of him, Tom Friday, is a photographer who is bald, overweight and has friends who he seems to tolerate. He also has a friend named Sarah who seems to care about him. The other side of him, Joseph, is a man in his late thirties, keeps in shape and is a British MI16 agent. He has lost his wife named Tilda by a car accident. He actually believed he was Tom until he began to feel someone is following him and was in his house. One day he followed a man to a house and that’s when he is told his name is Joseph Miller. He begins to recall memories that he had forgotten and he thinks he maybe an assassin. Sarah persuades him to get an MRI when he told her that he felt someone followed him but there is no one when he looks back. He agrees. After the MRI he wakes up and…

Is the protagonist on a self-induced mind-trip from too much cocaine? Is it all just a dream? Or a nightmare? Or does he suffer from a split-personality disorder? Or was he intentionally administered a really bad drug by the CIA?

To find the answers for all these questions you have to read the book. I enjoyed the book and I would like to recommend this book to all my readers. Author has done a great job in keeping the chill till the end.

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