~Book Review~ Rage and Mercy: Part One By Scott Dresden

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About the Book : “This thrilling book delivers a violent tale that is ultimately as surprising as it is gruesome.” Kirkus Review Sayer didn’t expect his life to go any further than wherever his wealthy clients told him to drive to, until he worked for Diana Westcherry. The young, beautiful, epileptic woman stubbornly imposes her kindness on Sayer, exposing a life that could’ve been, if she’d been his mother. Through Diana, Sayer learns that nothing determines a man’s life more than the mother he was born from. And when drug fiends murder her for purse change, Sayer will slaughter all of them to immortalize her, the mother he was denied. But knowing now that the greatest gift a father could give his child is choosing the mother of his child, he abducts Amanda to create the child he was supposed to be. Rage and Mercy is the story of Amanda and Sayer. Amanda is a born again Christian on a mission to shepherd lost souls to God. Sayer is her black kidnapper, determined to give his future child the white, Christian mother he never had. While there is nothing Sayer wouldn’t do for his future child, Amanda must discover if she can endure impossible horrors to prove that no child of God is beyond redemption.

My Say : Dresden did a terrific job of bringing the raw emotions of the characters in this novel to life, in a way you can almost see and feel their emotions. “Rage and Mercy: Part One,” by Scott Dresden, left me anticipating with impatience the release of Part II. The world Dresden paints around them is not one where beauty is easily found. The city is plagued with drugs and the addicts have taken over. There are entire sections of town that have been completely left desolate by everyday people and have been turned into drug dens filled with, as Dresden refers “fiends,” waste, unidentifiable fluids, needles, dead bodies and half eaten bodies. You can only imagine what might happen when, these “fiends” take Diana from this world. This book is dark but darkness doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It sheds light on the sides of life we don’t like to look at. When see a more animal side of our human nature, something that succumbs to our desires and seeks for vengeance, we tend to not like it. Scott Dresden, however, takes the twisted darkness of the human soul and puts it into words thus get ready to take a dive into the darkness of reality, the human mind and the human subconscious with Scott Dresden and his book Rage and Mercy. I can’t wait for the grim sequel & Yes!! I would like to recommend this book to my readers.

Rating : 4 out of 5 stars

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