Book Review : No One Ever Drowned in Sweat: G.R.I.T. – The Stuff of Leaders and Champions By Scott Petinga


Mistakes and failures are just opportunities to learn. This self – help book is unlike others I’ve read in content and the possibility of actually pursuing. This book can be a really good read up for someone searching for a way to come back from setbacks in their private and professional life. I was amazed at the number of times the author had been shut out of opportunities or just plain unlucky in his professional career. He certainly was a model for his plan of putting “G.R.I.T.” into practice. His idea is that one needs to have (G)uts, (R)esilience, (I)nitiative and (T)enacity to get success in life. Even if you don’t you can learn to get it after reading this book still Petinga will teach you to make decisions with confidence even when you don’t have all the answers for your problems. Petinga will teach you about developing your Resilience or shaking off the bad things that happen to you.  He’s not like other motivational speakers who are all just feel good and spiritual but  I liked his brash language and how he laid out the facts. I liked this book. The author has a colourful vocabulary which shows me more real character. There are some books out there that are way too far fetched, that some people simply can’t accomplish or connect to, and I don’t think that this will happen with this book.