Happy to find PLACE of ORIGIN.in

Last weekend I visited my friend’s place for house party. My gang of girls was meeting after a long time! The plan was to order pizza and do a lot of gossiping over beer 😉

I went there after a super hectic day and I was super hungry when I reached! Out of my habit I was the first one to be there and according to the ‘Indian standard time’ we had to wait for others! While waiting for them, we decided to have some chai & snacks. I made the awesome ‘adrak wali chai’ and with chai she served some super delicious thepla, khakra and jeera puri! Being a Rajasthani I rarely get to eat authentic thepla- khakra and I am a sucker for these gujarati snacks.

This actually made me curious about from where did she get this stuff and she told me about placeoforigin.in

The first thing I did when I reached home after an amazing party, I googled this ‘Place of origin’ for the love of thepla and khakra.

OHH GOSH!! It’s a Craftsvilla Entity!!

placeoforigin.in is India’s first and largest platform for famous local foods. On PlaceofOrigin.in, there are 3500+ unique sweets, snacks, biscuits, dry fruits, pickles and staples from more than 300 famous local brands from across India. They also host iconic local specialities like Shrewsbury Biscuits from Pune, Dharwad Peda, Sandesh from Kolkata and Pachranga from Panipat as well as unique local specialities such as the Chanachur of Bengal, Thokku from Andhra Pradesh, Pinni from Amritsar and so on.

I also found that Crafts villa has recently entered in the online gourmet food marketplace with the acquisition of this ‘Place of Origin’ , It’s a bengaluru based ethnic food e- tailer and as we all know Crafts villa is known for its ethnic products from clothes to jewellery and home decor.

It was really easy to find the khakra and thepla section for me as they have divided the sections according to the Regions, sweets, snacks, staples and they also have monsoon specials.

In snacks section, I filtered the category according to my choice and opted Gujarat in Regions and found a lot of varieties of Gujarat delicacies like thepla, khakra, jeera puri and many more.

I ordered :



Khakra : Khakra is a traditional Gujrati food item. A crisp, savoury, thinly rolled disc of wheat flour mixed with spices. The perfect substitute to your deep fried snacks, this khakra will give you the right crunch and spice in every bite.




Methi Thepla  :  A Gujarati flatbread, the Thepla is a favourite not only in Gujarat but all across India. The Methi Thepla is made from fenugreek leaves, whole wheat flour and spices. A perfect melange of nutrition and flavour, the Methi Thepla tastes even better served with a serving of plain yogurt.


I was super happy to find out that they are delivering in my area and I can’t explain in words that how much I am thankful to Place of origin for making Gujarat’s dish available in Rajasthan. Its a perfect online platform which currently offers a range of products from sweets and confectionary. I must say that it’s a lovely concept and I am gonna be the regular buyer from this site.

What about you?