A well spent Sunday at #LetsTalk event!

June 11, Sunday!! I was invited to an event and I didn’t know that I was going to experience some really good moments filled with fun and insights on stress and depression. The theme of this event was Let’s talk and main speaker Psychologist & counsellor Ms. Deepa was already there on time. The staff of chaisa cafe (venue partner) organised everything so well.

When around 15-16 people gathered, they started the event. Then Ms. Deepa introduced herself and took everyone’s introduction. After the introduction, she asked everyone to write down their problems in a small chit without mentioning their names.

Few people were actually thinking that what should they write about! After collecting all those chits, Ms. Deepa read the chits one by one and proceeded the session accordingly. Everyone was listening to her and was able to connect with the session as it was related to their problems.

Ms. Deepa taking session


She described about the different therapies and ways: 

  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy ( Basic) 
  • Mind control us and we can control mind
  • We are responsible for our happiness

After a fabulous session conducted by Ms. Deepa..

Anchor Rohin continued session with meditation, Art of living and few fun activities!

Anchor Rohin


After this session, Tamasha Group entertained the audience with many activities like :

Singing done by Abhinav, Mimicry of various artists done by Prastav, Lokesh did a fabulous stand up comedy and Anshul shown his talent of doing difficult yoga postures.

Participant sharing his experience

Vinod entertained people by making them laugh by cracking jokes in marwari language and the whole session ended with leaving a smile on participant’s face. 🙂


So this fun session lasted for like three hours and every bit of this session was full of fun and knowledge.

Special thanks to Rohin, Rahul ( Owner of Chaisa Cafe), Lokesh, Ayushi and everyone who was part of this session.

We are so happy with the session that we have an other surprise for you in this month.

Stay tuned for more updates!

& yes.. if you have queries related to your stress issues, you can contact Ms. Deepa at : +91-7023096111

With many memories of this beautiful event, This is Sonali Agarwal singing out!!

I shall catch you up with my next post soon..

Till then..

Keep Smiling and Stay Happy 🙂