~Book Review~ The Hand: The Mirror of The Soul By Talma Brill

The Hand: The Mirror of The Soul by Talma Brill was an interesting read up. I loved the idea that there are different ways to read not just the lines of your hands but also your hand themselves. The practice of palm reading or chirology can be found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Those who practice chiromancy are generally called palmists, palm readers, hand analysts, or chirologists. This book gives you a great introduction and more in-depth look at what is known as Chirology which is the art of reading hands. This book is split up very well. The first and second parts of the book gives you the overview of the structure of the hands. Most of the book is a comprehensive, clear and readable survey of many aspects of the hand, the structure of the palm with all its details, the palm lines and their various appearances and many more. Author Talma Brill states that she wrote this book out of a deep need to update the ancient tool of hand reading and her intention is to shed light on how chirology can be used as a healing tool in the twenty-first century. Obviously it was an unusual read up for me but I liked it. I recommend this non-fiction book if you have interest in palmistry.