Few weeks back, I met with a friend of mine for some work purpose! She was looking little depressed from the beginning of the meeting! After finishing that meeting, we went to a cafe to have some coffee and while we were having coffee, suddenly she started crying for no reason. I was shocked to see her like this and I actually didn’t know what to do at that time.  I tried to ask her as what happened to her but she didn’t tell me anything!!!! YES! we all have some secrets which we don’t tell even to our friends!!

On my way back to home, I was only thinking about that friend then suddenly a person came to my mind whom I met in my gym. A Psychologist.. who does therapy over call or even does face to face counselling. I texted her the contact number and asked her to call this psychologist whenever she feels like talking and sharing her issues with someone!

& Today while I was taking a lecture, I got a WhatsApp from that friend thanking me for giving her a person who helped her in coming out from her depression. In that long thanking note, She wrote that she is feeling much better now and got a new direction to look at the life from a really positive aspect. While reading that message, tears rolled out from my eyes and I felt really great to know that she is getting healed up.

This whole incident gave me an idea of writing this blog post for all those people who are somewhere feeling little depressed and need some kind of talk therapy. Obviously I took the permission from this lovely psychologist before giving her links!

…& YES!! If you are reaching her out after reading this blog post then don’t forget to mention this! You will get some extra discounts in your therapy 😀

You can visit this psychologist’s Facebook profile to drop your issue in her message box!

Also you can Follow her on Twitter & Join her on LinkedIn

Give her a call on : +91-7023096111

Talk to her and keep reading my blogs 😀

With this blog post, This is Sonali Agarwal signing out and picking up my next book to read.

I shall catch you up soon with my next post..

..Till then..

Keep ‘Talking’ & Always Love this Zindagi 🙂