~Book Review~ Lucifer And Eva By Eric Ziegler


About the Book : The archangel Lucifer, an angel known for rebellion, is dispatched to spy on a demon named Eva, the only demon to ever infiltrate Heaven. The two meet and battle for the first time, but only until a spell opens a gateway to Hell. When that happens, Lucifer has but one choice. To save Heaven, he will fly into Hell and take on an army of demons. When the gate is closed, Eva is forced to flee Hell or meet her death.

Hell wants Eva back. Every demon and devil is called to attack the wall in a way never seen before. The god Ehyeh calls every angel to Heaven’s defense, but Lucifer goes and hunts for Eva. He is able to save Heaven, but at a cost: his banishment.

Lucifer is forced to wander. Cut off from Heaven, he can no longer access his powers. Eva finds him and tell him she needs his help. Lucifer helps her, and you won’t believe the end.

This is the story of the fall of Lucifer as you never heard.

My Say : Lucifer and Eva by Eric Zeigler is a science fiction novel based on Christian Religious concepts. This book reminds me of  TV show Lucifer and Supernatural with how it takes religious concepts and creates a world of fiction. I found the writing style of Eric Zeigler to be well chosen for the nature of the book and the characters of Lucifer and Eva were both well developed over the course of the book. Its a fictional take on the Fall of Lucifer. Storyline was gripping, Lucifer and Eva by Eric Zeigler is a true fantastic story based on the real religious knowing and legends about the creation of the God, angels, demons and about all the relations between Good and Evil, Hell and Heaven. The story is an intriguing point of view about what we know for the relationship between holly creatures. I liked the author’s style and I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers out there!

Happy Reading 🙂