~Book Review~ Raging Falcon By Stephen C Perkins

About the Book : 



THE SUN HAD SET FOREVER. (For fans of Brave New World/1984)

One man-sorcerer disguised as soldier-used BLACK MAGIC to change American history-FOREVER!

In the 21st century, wars are won in the mind rather than on battlefields. Major Stacey Truman Keogh, a specialist in psychological operations, was a ruthless man. He was a terrorist with magical powers, willing to sacrifice his family, the operatives under his command, and even his young son-to not only script American history, but to gain proxy control of the US government! In the end, will he use his magical powers in the service of good, to gain some measure of redemption-can a miracle save the son he betrayed, so long ago?

About the Author : A native of Danvers, Massachusetts, Stephen Perkins is an ardent lover of all things creative, imaginative, as well as classical art, literature and music. All of his thrilling, entertaining, and thought provoking novels, both in digital and paperback, RAGING FALCON, AMERICAN SIREN, and now just released ESCAPE TO DEATH, are available right here, exclusively on Amazon- so check them out and leave reviews, right now! To experience his controversial, but original perspective on mainstream, alternative media, as well as global politics, go to his blog at Newsspellcom.org! Email: Copernicus369@gmail.com

My Say : Raging Falcon by Stephen Perkins is a gripping thriller that features war in the twenty-first century, but a war not fought with conventional weapons like guns and bombs. Much of the information in the pages of this book was quite good that I got chills imagining what if it were all true. Based on actual events and people, it truly makes me wonder just how much could possibly be the truth. The idea of weaving black magic into this kind of story is unique and fans of paranormal and literature that grips the mind with a dark world will definitely entice many readers. In the future when wars are no longer fought on battlefields, but rather in the power of the mind, everything is different, and nothing can be easily predicted.  As the story shifts between the present and the past, it was the anticipation of finding out if old Jim would be executed or not that drove me forward. But the twist at the end was a total surprise. I did not see that coming. Of course with that sort of premise to the book, there is a lot of adult situations and language, but it adds to the natural order of things throughout the story line, and doesn’t feel forced or out of hand. Overall, Raging Falcon is an entertaining story that features crime, powerful characters and a great plot.

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