`Book Review` Playing Hurt By Gerald L. Nardella


Note: I received a free copy of this book from Online Book Club in exchange for an honest review. Playing Hurt was selected as an OnlineBookClub.org Book of the Day.

 Its a story of Brian who is in his senior year of high school, hoping to make the best of it. But his girlfriend, Deanie, has been avoiding him since the previous night, when they had sex for the first time. He plans on catching up to her after the big game, but when a massive fight between the two rival schools breaks out, Brian finds himself caught up in the midst, leaving Deanie alone with her friends and her old boyfriend who is back in town. This is only the beginning of an uphill battle neither of them ever imagined fighting. Can they come out stronger? Can they survive playing hurt?

Playing Hurt by Gerald L. Nardella shows the high school years back in the 60s. I can relate to the story as those are the years that I attended high school. And also played Volleyball. I thought the author did a wonderful job of characterization and showing the readers how life was back in school days. This book is not one to go into lightly and that’s coming from someone who did. Though it’s set in the 1960’s, it feels oddly relatable to our own society and the pressures that come along with it. And that, I think, is what Nardella captured most perfectly. This story could have easily come across as sexist but despite the fine line that it walked, not once did I feel attacked.

Yes!! I felt upset reading this, but not towards the author. Towards the entire idea, and the fact that it is still happening today. Sexual and physical abuse is still so common and as the story shows, sometimes you have a bad feeling and sometimes you feel helpless.

This is not at all a happy book. It isn’t even a book that is overly original in plot. But this book holds a deep truth and characterisation looks so fresh and original. This isn’t a tale that will uplift you but it’s a good one all the same. Overall, I rate Playing Hurt 4/5 stars. I would recommend it to many of my fellow book lovers and If you’re looking for something different, then definitely check out Playing Hurt & Click here

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