~Book Review~ Lankan 1001 Nights ‘Part- 2’ (a novel of two parts) By Bill Reed

About the Book : O King, his name mightn’t be Scheherazade, but if he was a she, it might well have been. You never know. And, anyway, to sing for his supper or else be despatched, the Talls-reteller must spin his cut-it-out ways to your royal self. If you had ever been listening, you might be able to admit wiling your Lankan nights away on his pull-this-one shaggy-dog yarns, especially about the misadventures of the Australian whitie called Wi – don’t ask Wi, Sire! – after being bogged down in your Lankan realm, the Talls-reteller and the Aussie whitie, both, and not including you, of course. After all, there were some of your own people who had hired this Wi to perform their hearts’ good’n’mischievous desires, so nobody’s blameless around here. Except you, Your Majesty. Also, you should maybe cherish this White Wi as the world-champeen kidnappee of all time that he is. (Nothing could surpass his being nabbed three times in three minutes, not without having a real talent for it — and that wasn’t the end of it by any means.) Even the ordinary people have come to love the godful way the Wi wipes those dirty dishes in Dominic’s Eatery… but, no, it is probably better you don’t leave the harem to go and watch him in action, Sire. You might eat something there, and where would that leave us?

About the Author : Bill Reed is a novelist, playwright and short-story writer. He was born in Perth, Australia, but grew up in Adelaide and Melbourne, where he is better known as a local author. His nine professionally-produced plays include Burke’s Company, Mr Siggie Morrison with his Comb and Paper, Truganinni, Cass Butcher Bunting. These plays have also been published. His twelve novels have included Dogod, The 1001 Lankan Nights books 1 and 2, Me the Old Man, and the novel tetralogy Throw Her Back, Are Your Human?, Awash and Tasker Tusker Tasker.

The Australian Script Centre has accepted 23 of his plays for listing and purchase through its official website Australianplays.org.

He has worked as editor and journalist both in Australia and overseas. In Australia he has been Publishing Manager of such major book-publishing houses as Rigby, A.H. and A.W. Reed, and the Macmillan Company of Australia. His novel Stigmata won the Fellowship of Australian Writers’ ANA award. Among his awards for drama are Critics Choice and The Alexander Theatre Award for Burke’s Company and Cass Butcher Bunting. He has won national competitions in all three categories of drama, novels and short stories, including the National Short Story Award.

He now divides his time between his native Australia and Sri Lanka.


My Say : So after reading first part of this series, I was craving to read more from this ‘ Classy Author’!!

…Another giant-looking novel but, yeah again, full of humour and crazy incidents!! Author has sarcastically tried to show some darker side and crimes which actually happen in India along with Indian culture through the description of lovely Indian cuisine! One of the best thing that I liked was the way Eunuch king as a father shown his possessiveness for his little Kumariya and expressed what a father is willing to do for his daughter even being a king.. it was fascinating to know how he meets with her daughter and describes her beauty!! The author has put a lot of efforts in describing how the Great Franklin tells her stories about picaninny! I loved the incident about peanut butter jarred ‘secret word’.. yes!!! the secret word… that’s none other than related to a character in the story which can only be cracked by going through the book!!

In this book, a line used by Fr. Ignatius Lombardi “To God everything is mounted” picked up so rightly for the reader’s mind about the characters written in the book. I must say that words and events in the book are quite fascinating! Events were a can of worms as there were quite mixed up, tangling and interwoven situations like: “I’m over here, in the laundry, Sire; watch for my quick wave when the coarse woollen cycle comes around”; “Is the race still sponsored by Time’n’Space Tightly Woven Carpets Inc?’  My personal favourite was Fr.Ignatius Lombardi, one of the dominating character who takes work from artist as puppets… I absolutely loved this dramatic character for his wit!  Also I admired the character of Kushani de Roggue because I found this motor-mouth of a character quite interesting.

The Author knows very well how to play with words, I really liked the way he uses the lines and phrases in a tricky way!! How could you not fall for words like “Stigma of splinter “, “Miss Mental-Cog-Loose”, “Guilt Mirror” etc, etc.

Everyone can connect with the story as detailed description of different streams like theatre people, actors, judges, presidents, principals were shown in the book. This book is like an ocean of characters and stories which contain subtopics with details and sub-details filled with scandals, politics, drama and kidnappings — but I am sure a reader won’t be drawn in this ocean in the middle because the author has tried to make this book quite interesting till the end. Also the details of the crazy McCurry hamburger details from different countries were mouth watering and that made this foodie reader quite hungry!

I would like to give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars and I recommend this book to all of my readers but, yeah, first you have to read Part 1 and after that you won’t be able to stop yourself from reading this one..

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