Book Review : No Photographs By Keith Lawton

About the Book : The institutional abuse and neglect of children unlucky enough to enter the UK care system has been recently been described as a “national disgrace” by a UK Government report. The statistics on their own make heart-breaking reading, yet behind every one of them there is an individual tale of abandonment, pain, horror, despair and exploitation which almost always goes unheard.

Keith Lawton’s life story has been just one of these sad tales. His account of his time in care is harrowing, yet it is alive with hope, survival and triumph in the face of traumatic adversity. Recently described as “disturbing”, “lucid” and a “must read” by a Member of the Royal Historical Society, ‘No Photographs’ is the story of how circumstances beyond his control plunged a young boy into a nightmare – and how the man emerged triumphant.

About the Author : (In HIs Own Words) 

Hi Keith here

I am very proud of my debut book & will have a follow up book out soon, I have kept my true life memoirs in for far too long – nearly 50 years in fact, and I am glad to have found the strength within me to share them with others.

Through these writings my aim is to break down barriers, loose the stigmas, and promote change – change only comes with weight of numbers, the more that read, the greater chance of change – put air beneath the wings of this story, and send it aloft to enable it to help others

take the power from them, don’t let them win.

Humbly yours
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 “No matter how much money or influence you have, you can never buy back one second of yesterday. So never dwell on the past or look to the future, because neither will have any real influence on your life. This moment is all you can live for. Learn to move on from yesterday, live and love for today, and tomorrow only exists when and if tomorrow comes.” ` Keith 

My Say : This ‘heart touching.. heart breaking.. an eye opener’.. memoir is about the quest of author to find his own identity! Through this debut memoir; The author has tried to break down the barriers and promote change in the system!


We live in the age of Snapchat and Facebook.. where we click several photos of many moments.. from going out with friends.. partying.. shopping.. eating.. etc. etc.. but just imagine a life where you haven’t seen even a single photograph of your family and childhood!!  Yes.. the photo you see on this memoir’s cover page is the single photograph of author’s childhood.


It’s a horrifying story of author’s childhood which broke my heart in many pieces and such stories make me realise that sometimes we get the punishments of those sins which we have never made!!


Yes.. I really appreciate the way author has opened up his heart to make others aware against the happenings in those children care homes and institutions where innocent people are suffering because of the fault in system and because of abusive evil people out there!!


I must say that it was incredible to read how author has coped up with such adverse situations and dealt with it. I can imagine how difficult it must have been for him to make his emotions appear on a blank paper! I truly admire him and I recommend this memoir to all of you. I am no one to give any rating to this memoir. It’s beyond everything!


Do read ‘Keith Lawton’s’ Journey and trust me you will start believing in ‘Never give up’ attitude!


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This is Sonali Agarwal signing out!


Stay Strong & Stay Kind!