~Book Review~ Nightmares Unhinged By Joshua Viola

About the Book : Nightmares come in many forms. Some rend the veil of sleep with heart-stopping madness. Others defy sanity to leave a helpless corner of your mind twitching for release. Sometimes, hours after waking, a nightmare drifts across your memory, tainting your day with wisps of discomfort. NIGHTMARES UNHINGED reveals horror in all its mutable forms—abject to absurd—through twenty tales of terror.

Contributors include Mario Acevedo, Edward Bryant, Dustin Carpenter, Sean Eads, Keith Ferrell, Warren Hammond, Jason Heller, Gary Jonas, Stephen Graham Jones, J.V. Kyle, Aaron Michael Ritchey, Jeanne C. Stein, Steve Rasnic Tem, and Dean Wyant. Foreword by New York Times bestseller Steve Alten. Edited by Joshua Viola. Illustrations by Aaron Lovett.

A portion of the book’s proceeds will be donated to Rocky Mountain Cancer Assistance in honor of Melanie Tem.


Foreword “Terrors In The Night” by Steve Alten

Introduction “Reclaim Your Fears” by Joshua Viola

“The Brollachan” by Steve Rasnic Tem

“Fangs” by J.V. Kyle

“Be Seated” by Keith Ferrell

“The Man Who Killed Texas” by Stephen Graham Jones

“Scarecrows” by Joshua Viola

“Zou Gou” by Mario Acevedo

“Needles” by Joshua Viola and Dean Wyant

“The Projectionist” by Jason Heller

“The Wolf’s Paw” by Jeanne C. Stein

“Danniker’s Coffin” by Keith Ferrell

“Deep Woods” by Aaron Michael Ritchey

“Diamond Widow” by Dustin Carpenter

“The Camera” by Joshua Viola

“Lost Balls” by Sean Eads

“Bathroom Break” by J.V. Kyle

“Marginal Ha’nts” by Edward Bryant

“Delicioso” by Warren Hammond

“The Librarian” by Joshua Viola

“Gurgle. Gurgle.” by Mario Acevedo

“Taking The Dare” by Gary Jonas

Afterword “Melanie Tem: Hubble’s Child” by Edward Bryant

About the Author : Joshua Viola is an author, artist, and former video game developer (Pirates of the Caribbean, Smurfs, TARGET: Terror). In addition to creating a transmedia franchise around The Bane of Yoto, honored with more than a dozen awards, he is the author of Blackstar, a tie-in novel based on the discography of Celldweller. His debut horror anthology, Nightmares Unhinged, was a Denver Post number one bestseller. He co-edited Cyber World with Hugo Award-winner, Jason Heller. His next anthology, Blood Business, co-edited by Mario Acevedo, will be available in 2017. His short fiction has appeared in The Literary Hatchet and The Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers Found anthology. He lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is chief editor and owner of Hex Publishers. You can find him on the web at HexPublishers.com, Facebook.com/HexPublishers, and @HexPublishers.

My Say : This book is a mixed bag of horror short stories from Colorado writers. These stories may be classed as horror, but it’s a subtle horror. I loved the variety of stories that Viola pulled together. The first story was a classic tale of monsters, second story which left me laughing and the another story was about the life of the narrator from Edgar Allan Poe’s The Raven. I read these stories which seemed coming straight from a summer horror flick, one about a seriously sketchy librarian and another that made me physically sick to my stomach. My favourite story in this book was Stephen Graham Jones’ ‘The Man Who Killed Texas’. It’s a gritty tale of a desperate man forced to choose between two equally horrible outcomes when faced with a life-or-death situation. Others were J. V. Kyle’s ‘Fangs”, reminiscent of two great masters, Robert Bloch and Frederic Brown. Sean Eads’ ‘Lost Balls’ makes me glad I’m not a golfer, which I liked. I would like to recommend this book if you like to read short stories of horror.

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