Book Review ~ Luna One By Joshua Viola

About the Book : Forty years ago, Eddie was an astronaut poised to be one of the blessed few to walk on the Moon, but budget cuts and the shifting whims of politics denied him the only dream to bring meaning to his life. Now, he’s an old man, living alone in a house full of space memorabilia, with just his resentments and a huge telescope to keep him company. Every day, gravity pulls him closer to Earth’s final embrace, and the Moon seems to laugh at him. When a new mission to the Moon is announced and his application is rejected, it’s just about all Eddie and his old, worn-out body can take. Is it a stroke-induced hallucination that suddenly finds Eddie rocketing to become the sole permanent resident of the Moon? Or has his wish finally, inexplicably, been granted? And don’t all wishes demand a price be paid? Joshua Viola, multi-award winning author of “The Bane of Yoto” and “Blackstar,” presents “Luna One,” a science fiction parable in the best spirit of Rod Serling and O. Henry.

My Say : It’s a well written short story with a moral. This is a novella about a frustrated  astronaut Eddie. A man whose only dream was to put one foot on the moon. Unfortunately to him, his mission was ruined by NASA. After getting dismissed by NASA, three decades later “Luna One Corporation” plans for a manned mission to place a permanent resident on the moon. Now is he too old to have his dreams coming true. The author creates a mystery when the reader would think whether he actually knows about Eddie’s dreams or not! This novella is moreover like a short story! Everything is too rushed, especially the ending! Like all good short stories, “Luna One” leaves plenty of questions and ample latitude for multiple interpretations because how deep can a character be on a thirty pages book? I wanted to read more from the author. If you like to read short stories then you can go for it.

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