~Book Review~ Cassia by Lanette Kauten

About the Book : As a reporter living in Deep Ellum, all Tanya Falgoust wants is to be accepted as part of the underground arts district. But living among free thinkers and musicians doesn’t make her one of them. Then she meets the sensual, rebellious Cassia, a performance artist who struts onto the stage and into Tanya’s bed.

No one knows who Cassia is, but her beauty and talents as an actress and dancer captivate the local scene. Tanya is mesmerized, and they quickly form a relationship. A close friend warns Tanya about Cassia, but she brushes him off. But when Cassia refuses to divulge anything about herself, where she lives, or even her real name, Tanya starts to realize her friend was right. And the secrets her lover is hiding are deeper and more damaging than Tanya could imagine.

As the pull of their relationship deepens and becomes more volatile, Tanya must decide whether to break from her desire before she loses the one thing she wants most—connection to the musicians who have accepted her into their community.

My Say : First of all I found the cover lil scary and I thought its a horror novel but its a mystery yet little confusing story of tanya and cassia. This book explores not only the topic of sexuality but also the intellectual questions that artists and art enthusiasts ask themselves. Tanya live in Ellum the slum of the slums. A reporter. Her boss sends her to different shows to write reports about them, his favourite being pornos. In his latest project he wants her to write about a mysterious woman called Cassia. Who is she and how she came to be. Finding out who she is, is more work than Tanya comes to realize as Cassia drags her into her world but somewhere in between the author lost the track and connection with me. I liked the intellectual discussion on art and it’s effect on humans and things. I liked how Cassia was mysterious about her past but while reading this book, I felt that I have missed something because suddenly I lost the track. Tanya couldn’t have resisted the charms of someone like Cassia. Tanya lets her emotions rule her decisions while Cassia doesn’t care what people think. Cassia came across as someone who wanted to change the society but realized at a very young age that she couldn’t. Tanya’s friends Rodney, Nick, and Bonnie were not at all needed in the story. I found this book an average read up.