~Book Review~ Noel By Gage Irving

About the Book : Our reckless and uninhibited contamination of the planet’s five oceans has now reached dangerous levels, a starting point for Ms. Irving’s terrifying presentiments described in Noel. Starting off in a maritime disaster from hell itself, radiation floods into the already corrupted water of the Trash Vortex in the northern Pacific Ocean. It had been the final ingredient missing in that horrible soup, triggering a very dangerous effect: another kind of intelligent life was born out there. Humankind’s inadvertent answer to God’s only begotten son, this millennial Frankenstein then wreaks havoc on the natural world. While the surviving characters from Thanksgiving valiantly try to save the world, a biblical apocalypse closes in on them. On all of us, and the healing embrace of any savior may never be returned.

My Say : Noel by Gage Irving gives a quite realistic message to the mankind. This book is a relevant work which includes humans and creatures of nature. Its a work of fiction where pollution was the culprit. This culprit was born in the North Pacific Ocean. The author tells a tale that comes powerfully across as a warning to save the environment from pollution. Gage Irving has a great gift and shows a keen understanding of nature, biology and geography. The writing is laced with powerful descriptions which shows a good amount of research has been done. There is a poetry that will amaze readers because its quite rhythmic and filled with lovely images. It is like a combination of something that is thought up but with so much realism that it becomes a bit like you’re a fish out and in the water. Although its was quite different genre for me still I liked it. I would like to recommend this book to readers.