~Book Review~ Ripped Apart : Quantum Twins- Adventures on Two Worlds By Geoffrey Arnold

This is a work of great imagination with quite interesting characters. If you are a science fiction lover then you should not miss it. The plot is very interesting and hard to put down. Ripped Apart: Quantum Twins – Adventures on Two Worlds is a sci-fi tale where the concepts and ideas come thick and fast. If you want to read a whole lot of quantum and esoteric science then you will love this story. It’s a story of twins sets the stage for even wilder adventures to come. The concept of genetically identical twins is powerful one and it only gets better when the twins are of opposite sexes. The identical twins have wonderful telepathic powers and can work in perfect sync with each other but when an experiment goes wrong then they are found thrust into Earth, a world completely foreign to them. Things get worst for the two teenage twins as they lose their power to communicate with each other. Will they be able to find their way back to their own world? I’m hoping the next book in the series continues the quest for reunification and looking forward for more of the explanation of Vertazian society. I would like to recommend this book to all sci-fi lovers!