#BookReview : No Accountability By Keith Lawton

A healing story of triumph, survival & forgiveness; No Accountability is a memoir from author Keith Lawton! This is a sequel to his debut novel with the name of No Photographs. This memoir showcases the author’s childhood where he was moved through the care homes to foster homes, after tragic events happened with his family at a very young age. Being a fan of reading memoirs, I picked up this book with so much of expectations and interest and this didn’t disappoint me ! The book  takes you during 1950s when Keith was separated from his family and he was placed in a foster home. Being born to an alcoholic father and a schizophrenic mother, the events that followed his father’s death and his mother’s illness left him in the care of and in middle of a national scandal, the British care system; this story leaves you totally speechless. Rather than staying quiet about the cruelty and abuse that he suffered at the hands of others he has put his sufferings in writing. It needs a lot of courage for what he has done for the improvement of system. I liked the fact that this is written directly by Mr. Lawton and not a different writer because he expresses the feelings in a raw way and nothing seems artificial. This thought provoking story written with full of passion and drive that develops the rider’s connection magically. If you like to read memoirs, then I take the accountability of recommending this book to you!

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