~Book Review~ The Journey To Magmatic By Yaakov Halevy


My Say : The Journey to Magmatic is all about adventure and struggles to save a civilisation. This adventure is a steady, fast paced story with some wild imagination and it ends with a nice twist. This journey is about two curious kids who take a trip to the center of the earth and witness the stories they had heard. Both Tulip and Noonie were the main characters of this book and they were quite realistic as far as being smart children go. Working together they did great things but like all siblings, they disagreed and got short with each other too. Very captivating and beautifully written, In a quest to the center of the Earth to find the legendary lost continent of Magmatic, Siblings Noonie and Tulip have just been thrust into the journey of a lifetime! They find themselves in a crazy world of giant crustaceans, unique creatures and liquid hot magma. The language was clear, error free and very imaginative. I really thought this brought some credibility into the relationship and made them more realistic characters. I also found it very interesting how the children learned and made the decisions along the way to complete their mission. There is no bad language used and their bond showed a good growth and cooperation between them. There were times of tears, sorrow and laughter. I would like to recommend this book to you and to your kids!