#BookReview : The Beauty Of The Fall : A Novel By Rich Marcello

My Say : I loved the title and cover design of this book. After reading the book, I found that Rich Marcello is a deeply disguised idealist as shown in his works. He believes that a person can do real good in this cruel world through the design and promotion of technology with a pure heart. Rich Marcellos The Beauty of the Fall is an absorbing story that tackles mental stress, personal and social conflict. Dan is the protagonist who finds himself suddenly jobless and pushed out of the hi-tech company which he helped in establishing. He fears of this fall which was followed by a divorce and the death of his 10 year old son that completely shatters him but he finds a beauty in this fall and choose not to give up. He builds and starts a problem-solving network. It is a virtual reality problem-solving network that brings together people from all over the world to work on problems that are meaningful to them. I must say that The Beauty of the Fall is an ambitious and idealistic take on changing the world and touching upon the hot topics of our modern age which includes social networks. It focuses on ‘never give up attitude. I enjoyed how Dan made a way to come back in such critical situations. I would like to recommend this book.