~Book Review~ Black Inked Pearl : A Girl’s Quest By Ruth Finnegan

“The pearl that had always been there, made of the dust, the dirt, the grit of the beautiful shell and the sound of the waves.”

My Say : Being a lover of romance genre, I really liked the idea of this story. A quest to find your lost love and doing anything for them! Black Inked Pearl: A Girl’s Quest by Ruth Finnegan is a fascinating romance set in a world caught between dream and reality. Kate is still young and naïve when she falls in love and rejects her lover but as time passes by, she realised that she couldn’t live without him. This novel can be read as a fairy tale of romance that will definitely empower lovers and dreamers. My first impressions of the book were great. It really was enjoyable to read. The writer has a real knack for description. A delightfully dreamlike, mystical tale of epic scope and spiritually charged; This story takes you in some other world which is far different from reality and quite magical too. With 50 chapters of an awesome storyline, There are few moments when Finnegan creates some unique words for her story, but they are easy to understand and read because they appear much like actual words. I fell in love with the poems, quotes and songs. I also liked reading the author’s notes!Thus, I would like to recommend this book.