The Book Lover In Me Is Dancing With Joy After Finding ShelfJoy!!!


“Hey!! I really like your book reviews; could you please suggest me some good books to read? 

What’s your twitter handle? I shall follow you for more books updates!”

I’m often been asked these questions BUT!!!! Now I have found a perfect platform for me to share my bookshelf updates with my readers!!

Yes!! SHELF JOY !! I was wishing to get something like this for so long!!! A place where I can actually interact only about books..books..& boooksss!!!

When I came to know about this site, The very first thing which came in my mind was how it’s gonna be different from Goodreads? Well then I found that on GoodReads; I can track the books which I’ve read/reading and then I can add my reviews there but on ShelfJoy; I can actually take the advantage of excellent curated shelves that dig out must-read books on specific topics/genres along with writing and sharing reviews of books there!  I can also give a personalised touch to my shelves and invite interactions on it.

Now when I visited this site; I created my profile over there & DUDE!!! It’s damnn easy!!! You just need to connect with your social media account and your Bio with your Display Pic will be there in a blink of an eye!

Then I updated my shelf with a cool name, cover page and a tag line! They give you two options for updating your cover page, You can either upload by your computer or by your insta profile! Although their Instagram option seems under construction therefore you can choose uploading from your computer!


After this you can add your shelves and update your reading list! I added my two most favourite books on my shelf and its really fun to do this!!  My most favourite part was selecting the emoji and telling the people whether I felt loved or angry or inspired after reading the book!


Kudos to the team for creating such an unique thing! I totally LOVED 😍 it ❤

Another thing which I liked is that they have made it’s ‘Super Duper Trooper’ easy for me to share my book updates on my various social media platforms!

The best thing about the site is they have curated shelves according to the different genres. Like the foodie in me was quite happy to find this Experiences and History of Food and Eating in India shelf!

Then out of curiosity.. I pinged them on Fb messenger from the icon on their site & I was amazed to see that I can get daily updates on hand curated books suggestions directly on my fb messenger! Isn’t it cool??

I am sure there is a lot to find on this amazing site as I found that they have made it really easy to search authors by their name’s alphabets!


Trust me!!! The book lover in me is dancing with Joy after finding ShelfJoy.. So what are you waiting for?? Join me at ShelfJoy and Let’s share our love for books at this refreshing platform!!

Well that’s all from my side!

This is Sonali Agarwal signing out and I shall catch up with you soon with my next post!

And yeah.. I am looking forward to spend my few hours daily on ShelfJoy ! What about you?

Wink Wink

~ Happy Reading ~


  1. Hello Sonali,

    I am writing you to request you to review my book, “Angels in Action: Stories to Inspire” is a non-fiction spiritual book.

    The book is compiled of 17 true personal stories demonstrating my belief in a “Power” greater than myself.

    If there is any further information you may need, please contact me at

    Thank you

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