~Book Review~ The Fat Man’s Monologue By Aliza Galkin-Smith

First of all, I loved the title and cover page.The illustrated cover is quite interesting as it conveys the idea that the story is about a fat man and his monologue. Being a hardcore foodie, I was looking forward for a great read up and surprisingly this book didn’t disappoint me. When I saw this book, I thought that book is autobiographical but it is a lovely collection of recipes, food facts, choices and how different people influence our journey into the world of tastes. I loved the way the book has been written around a central character which makes it more engaging. Being written in first person, I had an instant liking to the fat man who is a lecturer of history and loves food, women and of course, his subject. The story is simple and flows smoothly. If you are looking for fat loss ideas then this book is not for you. If you wanna know how does a fat person feel then again this book is not for you! This book is not a cookbook or all about food but it’s for everyone who loves to eat! No matter they are fat or slim! If you wanna read a lighthearted and humorous book then go for it! The narration is really good with a perfect mix of recipes, food stories, some beautiful places and the fat man’s beautiful yet hilarious journey of love and life. I would like to recommend this book.