Book Review : A Random Traveler By Leo Getz

My Say : I was craving to read something like this for so long and if you are looking for a travel guide then this is not for you.. BUT!! if you are looking for an entertaining and honest perspective of travel and culture then this book is for you. A random traveler is a collection of stories from Leo’s journey around the world, that are funny thoughtful insightful and brutally honest. Leo has been a writer and blogger for years and after running a successful blog chronicling his adventures across seven continents and almost a hundred Countries, he offers his unique perspective on a few of those trips. This book includes stories from a visit to Saudi Arabia as an invited guest of the king, a twenty six day journal with a travel group for young people, how he managed to become the Principal of an orphanage in Cambodia, and many more short stories musings and rants, that will leave you eager to pack your bags and go. I liked the writing style of this author crisp and obviously to the point. It’s a personal take all throughout as this book is combined through his recordings. Every place described like a traveler. It combines many flavours of travelling because of the number of places mentioned as well as the style of spending the time there. This book is written with the element of truth and a pinch of humour. I must say that Author has got a great sense of humor and a keen sense of observation. I would like to recommend this book.